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18 Things That Happen When You Meet Fellow Filipinos Abroad

Finally, someone who understands.

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1. When you hear them talking in Filipino and you're still figuring out if it's for real or you're just imagining things:


2. Or when you're practicing what you're gonna order at a fast food resto and thankfully the crew starts talking to you in Filipino:

3. It's weird, but you suddenly feel like you're home.

Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

4. Bonus points if they come from the same province as you do!


5. And then you realize you've been ranting in your native language the whole time.


That's probably how they figured out you're Filipino, too.

6. But that's okay, because now you can rant with them in a language you're comfortable with.

7. They give you the most useful tips about the country you're in.


8. Like what's the best way to get around.

Nickelodeon / BuzzFeed

9. Or where the nearest Jollibee branch is.

10. Or where to buy cheap pasalubong.

11. They understand your love for taking photos.

Comedy Central

12. And you share inside jokes only Filipinos would understand.

13. And before you know it, you're already the noisiest people in the room.


Chikahan pa, sige.

14. You can't help but share with them some of your life stories.

Star Cinema

15. Because you're practically best friends now.

16. Family, actually.


17. And even though you part ways, it's highly possible that you're gonna meet them at the airport.

Star Cinema

18. And you'll know it's them because they're the one with excess baggage just like you.

Cinema One / Star Cinema

Ayan, ayan, kakabili mo ng pasalubong.

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