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    Posted on Sep 25, 2015

    22 Heroes Who Don't Wear Capes

    Bayanihan is not dead.

    1. When these people gave more than just relief goods to typhoon victims.

    2. When Manny Pacquiao dedicated his fight with Brandon Rios to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

    3. And stayed true to his word and won the fight.

    Aaaand the Filipino spirit is lifted! Manny Pacquiao delivers and f'n RULES!!! #Pacquiao #BangonPH

    And in effect uplifted the spirits of the survivors whose homes were wiped out, among many other casualties.

    Filipino spirit on the rise, thanks to countries helping us relentlessly and to our own hero, manny paquiao:-)

    4. When hundreds of Filipinos gathered for a haircut to donate hair for kids with cancer.

    5. Because kids should be flying kites not fighting cancer.

    6. When a bunch of guys helped moved a bahay kubo, traditional style.

    7. And when these angels made sure the emergency relief assistance truck makes it just in time to its destination.

    Flickr: unwomenasiapacific / Creative Commons

    8. When this group of volunteer Filipinos gave some Aeta kids a day of fun.

    9. When these kindred spirits cared so much about education that they helped build and rebuild classrooms with smiles.

    10. When nobody got left behind in rescue operations in flooded areas.

    11. When journalist Jiggy Manicad and his team walked for six hours in the middle of Typhoon Haiyan from Tacloban to a satellite setup in Palo, Leyte so that he'd be able to report the situation to the rest of the world.

    12. When this little boy from Tacloban saved a fellow child, who isn't in any way related to him, from a mob that's forming among the relief goods in the evacuation center.

    13. Apparently, heroism knows no age, too. Just look at this street kid who could smile through any difficulty.

    Flickr: jene / Creative Commons

    14. And these bunch of guys whose spirits cannot be dampened by flood and thunderstorms.

    Filipino spirit! RT @gmanews: PHOTO: Ilang taga-Sta. Rosa, Laguna, nakangiti pa rin sa kabila ng kalamidad. #MaringPH

    15. Natural calamities are actually just another way to spark our creativity and resourcefulness.

    No typhoon strong enough to break the Filipino spirit

    16. And just because we're slumped doesn't mean we can't have fun.

    17. It also doesn't mean we'll stop doing the things we love.

    Filipino Spirit is Unbeatable. #BasketballNeverStops

    18. When these kids reminded us how powerful Filipino spirit can be.

    "The Filipino spirit is stronger than the typhoon" 💖💖 (Bild från staden Tacloban som förstördes av Haiyan 2013-11-08)

    19. And that we can do anything if only we stayed positive and joined forces.

    Ito ang pinoy. Nakangiti pa rin kahit may problema (basta may camera nyehe). Tumutulong sa kapwa. ❤

    20. Because no matter what comes our way...

    Look at this. That's THE FILIPINO SPIRIT. Keep on fighting that good fight. #yolandaupdates (c) Ernie E.

    21. Hopelessness is never an option.

    22. Because from where we're from, everyone's a hero.

    Survival RT @AFPManila: Resilience, determination, the Filipino spirit.,

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