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25 Types Of People Who Make UP Students Shake Their Heads And Say, "Oh Boy"

"Taga-UP ka? So aktibista ka?"

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1. The distant relative who thinks she knows everything about you.

2. The person who's like, "You owe me and everyone who pays their taxes."

Trust me, it's not being wasted.
Twitter: @jaicabajar

Trust me, it's not being wasted.

3. The person who says UP students are so ungrateful to the government.

4. Oh, and the innocent one who thinks UP students don't pay shit for tuition because they're "Iskolar ng Bayan."

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5. The stranger who says you're better off staying inside the classroom and studying instead of taking to the streets.

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6. The baby boomer who thinks protesting won't get us anywhere.

7. The Facebook commenter who shits on UP for not making it to the topnotcher's list on any board exam.

"Puro rally kasi alam."

"Puro rally kasi alam."

8. Another Facebook commenter who's living in an "idealistic" world.


9. An acquaintance who likes jumping into conclusions.

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10. The random guy who clearly has big issues with the smallest of things.

11. The political candidate who says education is a right, not a privilege.


12. The relative you only get to meet once a year but gives you stress that's good for the rest of the 364 days.

13. The parent who knows just what to say to trigger you.

14. The high school batch mate who throws difficult questions at you during reunions because "taga-UP ka 'di ba?"

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15. And that other batch mate who says, "Eh 'di ikaw na!" when you answer said difficult question out of the kindness of your heart.


16. Your high school best friend who posts pro-Marcos shit on Facebook.

17. Your boss who gives you the difficult tasks because "UP grad ka 'di ba? Kaya mo 'yan!"

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18. The person you barely know who assumes UP is pro yellow administration.

Star Cinema

19. The tito who makes everything awkward by asking if you watched the recent Oblation Run.


20. And the "concerned" relative who immediately assumes you're part of a fraternity or sorority.

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21. Your neighbor who thinks you're an out-of-school youth because you're at home in the middle of June.


22. The person from another university whose hobby is dissing UP's basketball team.

23. The younger cousin who says they'd like to study in UP too, but only in Diliman because she thinks all the other campuses are beneath UPD.


24. The misguided stranger who assumes UP students are privileged kids who gets spoon-fed in school.

DZM Teleradyo


25. And finally, that ~*edgy*~ person who tries to shade you by saying, "Masyado kasi kayong matatalino! Daming alam!"

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Lol is that an insult?

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