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    Posted on Sep 15, 2016

    17 Painfully Relatable Things For Filipinos With A Cruz Surname

    Good luck getting your NBI clearance.

    1. You've accepted that you share the same surname with more than half of the Philippines' population

    2. And it would take you a million years to finally find your name on lists.

    3. When you were younger, you thought everyone with the surname Cruz was a relative.

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    4. Simple errands like getting your NBI clearance are a chore because of your name.

    5. It's awkward when your professors call the class by surname...

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    6. Or when you're in line in the hospital or government office and they call for Cruz.

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    7. And frankly, you're already used to the embarrassment when you realize they're calling for somebody else.

    8. Like when the school's announcing the list of honor students starting with surnames first and you thought it was you but it isn't.

    9. And it's actually NOT an exciting experience to meet someone who has the exact same name as you do.

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    10. In fact, you've already mastered your fake smile whenever you'd meet a tukayo.

    Eat Bulaga

    11. A lot of times, you'd wish for a name that's not so ~basic~.


    "Smile, Emoticon" ganyan.

    12. And you've promised your future kids that you won't give them a common name so they won't have to suffer the same fate as yours.

    13. If you're friends with a fellow Cruz, both of you are so tired of answering people who ask if you're related.


    14. Or when they ask if you know a certain Cruz whom they met five thousand years ago.

    15. But it's not so bad, because you don't ever have to spell out your name to people.

    16. And it always feels euphoric to find out your crush's surname is also Cruz.

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    It's like you're already married!!

    17. And, of course, there's the fact that you share the same surname with John Lloyd Cruz.

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    It's not so bad, 'di ba?

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