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20 Of The Worst Gifts Filipinos Received For Christmas

And no, they're not all picture frames.

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Hey gang! Christmas is coming so BuzzFeed Philippines asked Facebook and Twitter what's the worst Christmas gift they ever got. And s'yempre, we got very interesting results.

Let this also be a guide what not to get for your monito/monita, please lang!


3. The at-least-it's-useful gift:

Tigristiara / Getty Images

That solar-powered emergency lamp my guy coworker gave me last year. Everyone got cute gifts, I got an emergency lamp.

— Yael Esperat, via Facebook

5. A gift that just throws shade all around:

My aunt got me these two books one year, "Letting Go of Compulsive Eating" and "Daily Meditations for Recovery from Eating Disorders" completely unprompted.

— Kelly McLaughlin, via Facebook


9. A gift that just makes you feel like a placemat:

I had to do "exchange gifts" with a kid from school. So I asked to buy him like the latest power ranger megazord or something like that. And he got me a placemat and a pair of plain white socks. Not even kidding, I wanted to smack him with the placemat.

— John Patrimonio, via Facebook


16. This uninteresting déjà vu:

Fuse / Getty Images / Via

Face towel from the same 3 people for 4 consecutive years. Pinagplanuhan ata. And take note, same brand, same design, different colors. Wow.

— Bert Condeno, via Facebook


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