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    18 Ways To Upgrade Instant Noodles That'll Change Your College Dorm Life

    Yes, you can(ton)!

    BuzzFeed Philippines recently asked Facebook and Twitter to share how they upgrade their instant pancit canton and the answers were life-changing.


    Pancit canton + soft-boiled egg then mix the yolk with the noodles. Yum! Eat with pan de sal or rice for better experience.

    Mockingjay Son, Facebook


    Pancit canton with stir fried Chinese vegetables and siomai on top.

    — Jill Fajatin, Facebook


    Crunchy pancit: crush the noodles, add 1 egg, seasoning, then mix all together then fry, much better if toasted. Serve while it's hot with sliced tomatoes or french fries on the side.

    — Reynato Cruz Yadao, Facebook


    Usually Lucky Me Original and Toyomansi or Toyomansi and Chilimansi basta there has to be the Toyomansi variant, or Mang Juan's Barbecue Pancit Canton — with kanin, egg, squid balls, kikiam, and iced cold Milo.

    Tapos make simot the sauce with tasty bread or pandesal, or MOAAAAR KANIN BECAUSE YOLO BISSSSH #carbsoncarbs

    — Kassy Pineda, Facebook


    Pancit canton with mayonnaise… Am I the only one?

    — 三 たくや, Facebook


    Use the calamansi flavored pancit canton. Mix the seasonings, add the following:

    - Cayenne pepper
    - Additional calamansi
    - additional spoonful of soy sauce
    (trust me the soy sauce inside each pack is never enough)

    - sesame oil
    - a teaspoon of oyster sauce
    (trust me again it'll give a significant umami taste)

    The canton should only be cooked under 3 minutes on a rapid boiling water. Make it al dente, you dont wanna have a sad soggy canton. Add egg, preferably soft boiled.

    — Royce Jose, Facebook


    Cooked pancit canton then lagyan ng hilaw na itlog then fry. It should look like torta when done na medyo malutong yung sides. I just changed your lives. You're welcome.

    — Jan Michael Lojica Milo, Facebook


    Pancit canton + hard boiled egg + luncheon meat + any crisp for texture (chicharon) + rice.

    — Mimi Misa Renomeron, Facebook


    I once ate pancit canton with peanuts. Pretty good.

    — Jan Manaog, Facebook


    Extra hot pancit canton + cheese + boiled egg + add sukang pinakurat to the seasoning.

    — Fio Pascual Sedero, Facebook


    Instant pancit canton with beef tapa on top.

    — Kristina Angeles, Facebook


    Chilimansi pancit canton + Hunt's pork and beans. Spicy, sweet, saucy. Saraaaaap.

    — Christianne Tolentino, Facebook


    Pancit canton + Century Tuna + lots of garlic.

    — Gian Carlo Bayker, Facebook


    Pancit canton + kimchi, topped with crushed potato chips.

    — @_honeygail, Twitter


    My boyfriend cooks the instant pancit canton then makes it into an omelette filling. I though it was weird but it was actually yummy!

    — Mari Regine Escueta, Facebook


    Before adding the seasoning, stir fry with shallots, shrimp, and cabbage.

    — Westly Yu, Facebook


    Instant pancit canton, pandesal with kesong puti is the best!

    — Jose Montes, Facebook


    Cooked pancit canton with existing seasoning + egg + Chinese sausage + green onions + garlic, all stir fried together.

    — Danielle Arenas, Facebook

    🎵 Canton, lemme upgrade youuuuu. 🎵