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19 Photos That Are Basically You During An Inuman

"Di pa ko lasing. Tipsy lang."

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1. When you make a promise that you're not gonna get wasted but you end up having to ask people how you got home:

2. When you try to convince everyone you're not even that drunk:


3. When you know what's about to go down:

Star Cinema

4. When you don't wanna get too drunk too soon:


5. And when you just had your tagay and they're already giving you another:

ANC / Via

6. When you feel it coming:


7. And you start to get emotional:

Star Cinema

8. Or when a friend starts crying and you try to be a good listener:

9. And when it's your turn to tell a story but you can't because you're fucking wrecked:


10. When you emerge victorious:

11. When your parents check up on you:

12. When you wonder who's been eating the sisig and crispy pata you just ordered:


Di 'yan ulam, 'teh.

13. When you're just trying to send a damn text:

14. When a friend starts making you landi:


15. When you feel it's your time to shine:

Grand Videoke / Via

16. And when somebody skips or steals the song you've been waiting for:

Artikulo Uno

17. When you're in that level of being drunk that you just have to talk to everyone in English:

18. When you start a deep conversation and end up not making any sense:


19. And when you just want a damn post-inuman snack to sober the hell up:

GMA / Via

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