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    Posted on Jul 28, 2016

    22 Things That Happen When You Take A Filipino College Entrance Exam

    Waiting for the results is just as stressful as taking the test itself.

    1. When you can't decide what course to put on your application form.

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    2. When your schedule is so jam packed it feels like murder.

    3. When they keep reminding you to bring a very, very specific type of pencil.

    4. And so you come to the testing venue prepared.

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    Just in case lang.

    5. When you're scheduled to take the test at a very inconvenient time.

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    6. When they said you can bring snacks and you didn't hold back.

    7. But you weren't even able to touch your food because you're too nervous taking the exam.

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    8. And then you see a fellow exam taker eating chicharon with suka like there's nothing to worry about.

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    9. When the exam room is so cold, you wonder if winter ACTUALLY came.

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    10. And when you're freezing and consumed by anxiety, sure to follow is a storm in your tummy.

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    A shitstorm, that is.

    11. So you contemplate whether to excuse yourself but you also don't wanna waste precious time.

    12. When you take the brave path and not study AT ALL.

    13. Or when you study extensively but still it's no use.

    14. When you're not yet done with the reading comprehension piece, and your seat mates are already answering.

    15. When you see your seat mate's scratch paper full of equations and solutions, while yours all remain blank.



    16. So you just write random shit on yours to make it look like you know actual shit.

    17. When time's almost up so you just mindlessly shade unanswered items.

    18. And when everything's done, you basically feel like you've been to war.

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    19. When your parents ask how the exam went, and you know better than to lie.


    20. When waiting for the results is just as stressful as taking the test itself.

    21. When you're slowly scrolling through the list of passers to look for your name.


    22. And when you finally see your name on the list and realize that everything was worth it.

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