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We Asked Filipinos What Makes Them Proud To Be Pinoy And Here's What They Said

"You'll always have family, even if you are not blood related."

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In celebration of the Philippines' 117th Independence Day, BuzzFeed Philippines asked Twitter and Facebook followers why they're proud to be Filipino.


"I'm proud to be Filipino because lumpia."

— Pamela Dorn (Facebook)

"Masarap ang adobo, that's why!"

— Rui Encarnacion (Facebook)


"Because Jollibee. Thanks, Jollibee!"

— Olivia Luares (Facebook)

"Because we have the tastiest mangoes on Earth."

— Khael Harvey Miguel (Facebook)


"Banana ketchup!"

— Billyje Tadlas (Facebook)

"SINIGANG NA BANGUS! Enough said."

— Catherina Gonzales (Facebook)

"Because of our amazing food; from street food (fishball, kwek-kwek, isaw, balut, etc) to fine dining and to dessert (halo-halo)."

— Ginger Nolasco (Facebook)

"[Because of] our cuisine—sweet and spicy, salty and sour; all of these things can co-exist, and it makes for the best tasting dishes in the world!"



"Because even the biggest of problems can be solved by #videoke."

— Issa Delos Santos Soberano (Facebook)

"Because of our talent; bruh, everyone can sing. Not professionally though. But thanks to the karaoke machine, (that we made, no big deal guys) we sing anytime, anywhere."

— Ginger Nolasco (Facebook)

"Karaoke nights, drinking dark liquor with uncles while getting judged by the aunties from a distance."

Matt Dela Cruz

"Because every family gathering is followed by a fiesta, karaoke, and 7 Titas saying you need to eat and the other 7 saying you look too fat."

— Cassey Blumethal (Facebook)


"Because we have the best beaches around the globe!"

— Khael Harvey Miguel (Facebook)

"Because we have a beautiful country, tourist spots specifically. Go to Batanes, Palawan, Cebu, Boracay, every place in the Philippines has it's own tourist spot/s that are worthy to be proud of."

— Jerwin Piedad Canteras (Facebook)

"Because I can claim that my fellow citizens, our heritage, our culture, and our hearts are as beautiful and majestic as our marvellous islands!"

— Zedric Jimenez (Facebook)

"Manny Pacquiaoooo!"


"Because of Manny, Apl De Ap, and Jessica Sanchez!"

— Volts Sanchez (Facebook)

"You don't need to know anyone's name just say ate, kuya, tita, tito."

— Carolyn Hesse (Facebook)

"I'm proud to be a Filipino because of tabo… thank you tabo."


"I'm proud to be a Filipino due to the fact that some parts of the Philippines still has those superstitious beliefs such as belief in lamang lupa or earth and nature spirits which live in your backyard tree. When you pee on the tree without consent, you either get ill immediately or some parts of your body will swell or look as if someone hit you with a stick. Mysticism: more fun in the Philippines."


"I'm #ProudToBePinoy because we're so health-conscious we got a national sauna!"


"Because we have like the slowest internet connection in the world but we still manage to take over the internet."

— Vince Justin Madriaga (Facebook)

But seriously, if there's one quality that makes Filipinos stand out, it's resilience.

"That at the end of the day, we still know how to laugh even in the darkest hours of our lives. And nobody will ever laugh at us more than we laugh at ourselves."


"Even though we don't have a lot of material things, at least we love, we serve, we die, we respect and we give hope to others who are in pain. No matter how serious is the situation may be, we always find a way to crack a joke. We are in a small country but we have big dreams."

— Princess Dominique T. Linan (Facebook)

"Our overwhelming resilience to adversity, may it be earthquakes, floods, typhoons, poverty, corruption, or being away from one's family to work abroad for their well being. These things come to our lives, not one by one but in hordes, but we face them with the brightest smiles in the eastern hemisphere. Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken."

— Ludwig Van Santos Desuasido (Facebook)

And qualities like hospitality and value for family that remain unparalleled for Pinoys all over the world.

"I'm proud to be Pinay because of how encouraging, supportive, and loving Filipino families can be."

— Ayesa D. Roces (Facebook)

"I think above all else it's the overwhelming sense of global community. I know that when I travel, nothing feels more like home than when I'm with my filipino family. When I went to Texas for work last year I was miserably homesick until I got to spend a weekend with my friend's (Filipino) family. Despite never having met them, I instantly felt at home. I can't even begin to say how thankful I am for all my ates and kuyas and titos and titas who have helped me through every situation big and small."

Devyn Lyn Parsons, Self-proclaimed Honorary Pinay

"I am proud to be pinoy because no matter where you go on this planet, as long as there are Filipinos, you'll never be alone. You'll always have family, even if you are not blood related."


"Besides the food, the places and the culture, one thing that you'll surely be proud of is; its people. Greeting you with their wonderful smiles, and you can feel their hospitality wherever you are."

— Erol Nathaniel Goboy Rico (Facebook)

"There is no force on earth stronger than the bond of a Filipino family. My cousins, ates, kuyas, titas, titos, lolas, and lolos (blood-related AND honorary) always call/text "just because" and to send their love. Every visit includes big dinners with extended family, parties until sunrise, karaoke sing-offs, and a ridiculous amount of belly-laughs. I'm proud - and truly humbled - to be a small part of a big family with such a big heart."


But ultimately, Filipinos are proud of their race not only because of the heroes from the past, but also the heroes we encounter everyday.

"I am proud to be Filipino because since the day that Spain invaded the Philippines the Filipinos never stopped to make a step in fighting for freedom. That's why we always appreciate the Filipinos whose die for our country. Loving and patronizing is the only way to give thanks to the Filipinos who's sacrifice to get what we are now."

— Dawn Heather Balidio (Facebook)

"What makes me proud to be a Filipino are our countrymen who are everyday heroes. The overseas workers, security guards, policemen, traffic enforcers, cashiers etc. We often times give them less credit than they deserve, but these people do sacrifice a lot to make our lives easier every single day. It is continuously impressive and overwhelming. Respect."