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    21 Filipinos Who Tried, Really Tried

    Try and try until you die.

    1. These Grab drivers who were just trying to make it through the day.

    2. And this guy who was just trying to book and Uber and go home.

    3. This guy who was just trying to learn some history.

    4. Enchong Dee in his ICONIC dance number with Kim Chiu.


    5. This government office who was just trying to keep up with the times by posting dank memes.


    6. And these government officials who were just doing their part in the war on drugs.

    When in Manila / Twitter: @ADeeSwift13

    7. These fangirls and boys who just wanted to see a concert.

    8. This guy who was just trying to do a cover.

    9. This child who was just trying to be obedient.

    10. These guys who tried very hard to dodge a lawsuit.

    11. This guy who was just trying to follow the rules.

    12. This person who tried to throw some shade.

    13. The fishes, the fish-seekers, the person who wrote this headline—basically everyone in this narrative.

    14. This person who was just trying to greet in a beautiful language.

    15. This game-changer.

    16. This graphic designer who was just trying to keep up with pop culture.

    17. This person who might as well be the future of modern technology.

    18. This person who wanted to own two brands in one pair of slippers.

    19. This innovative person who just wanted a hot shower in the morning.

    20. This daughter who just wanted some pasalubong.

    21. And finally, Jollibee, who's always trying to smile no matter what the circumstances.

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