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    17 Filipinos That'll Make You Dread Valentine's Day Even More

    Eughhhh, couples. Blerghhh, love.

    1. This thoughtful person who makes sure never to neglect important milestones:

    2. This person who tried, so hard:

    Twitter: @KenethAsuncion

    "Roses are red, violets are blue.

    kahit walang forever, I square you."

    3. This essay writing champion:

    Facebook: April.mae.19

    Somebody did the math, and it's six pages long, single spaced, 10.5 font size. Read the whole thing here. If you can.

    4. And this one who clearly doesn't mind the word count as long as it's for somebody he loves:

    5. And this one that's so sweet, it may attract certain insects:

    6. This brilliant revenge post that's obviously done out of love:


    7. And this glorious letdown:

    Twitter: @cndyyymynnn

    Okay lang 'yan, nood kayo together!

    8. This dude who makes the dating game SO. FREAKING. HARD.

    9. This embodiment of unrequited love:

    10. This lady who's worried she might come off as the ~clingy type~ and is basically all of us:

    11. This handmade apology:

    12. This eye-movement deviant.

    Twitter: @inkleiinedplane

    "My be you will girlfriend??"


    13. Whoever came up with this pun:

    14. Whatever the hell happened that led to this sad situation:

    15. This one that'll melt your heart in a different way:

    16. This person who probably used the wrong hashtag:

    17. And this person who is a master of the pen and also of playing with one's feelings:

    Twitter: @TABS_HazelAnne


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