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24 Photos That Show The Difference Between Dating In The US And Dating In The Philippines

TFW when imperialism hasn't slid into your DMs yet.

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1. Using Tinder in the US:

Funny. Cute. Quirky.
Twitter: @Wes_03

Funny. Cute. Quirky.

Using Tinder in the Philippines:

2. How American couples text:

How Filipino couples text:

3. Sexting in the US:

Sexting in the Philippines:

4. How Americans flirt:

How Filipinos flirt:

5. How Americans attract potential dates:

How Filipinos attract potential dates:

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6. Couples gift-giving in the US:

Couples gift-giving in the Philippines:

7. What jealousy does to American couples:

What jealousy does to Filipino couples:

8. American couples doing things together:

Filipino couples doing things together:

Partners in crime, bakit?

Partners in crime, bakit?

9. How American couples argue:

How Filipino couples argue:

10. American couples celebrating milestones:

Y’all... I have the sweetest, greatest, most loving boyfriend in the world. This is the best 3 Year Anniversary pre…

Filipino couples celebrating milestones:

11. And finally, American couples being extra:

Filipino couples being extra: