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    Oct 20, 2017

    19 Mini-Dramatic Moments When You're Experiencing Slow Internet Connection


    1. 'Pag kaya mo pang tyagain 'yung bagal ng net just so you can get to work:

    Cosmopolitan PH

    2. But then you see the 8-bit dinosaur on Google Chrome for the millionth time:

    Regal Films


    3. When your crush hits you up first but you can't reply kasi nawala wifi ng kapitbahay:

    Unitel Pictures International

    4. Or, you get to reply but you make a horrible typo and you can't correct it:

    Star Cinema / Twitter: @ixxalopez

    'Yung internet n'yo nakakasira ng relasyon.

    5. 'Pag nasa kalagitnaan na kayo ng paglalandian tapos na-DC ka bigla kasi de-uling 'yung net n'yo: /

    I guess you CAN'T call me anytime after all.

    6. When your crush posts a selfie but it won't load:

    7. When it's almost your deadline pero mas mabilis ka pa ma-attach sa isang tao kesa 'yung files sa e-mail:

    8. When you're tryna watch a YouTube video but it only gets to play on 144p:

    9. When you're on Spotify tapos ready ka na mag-emote pero pahintu-hinto 'yung song:


    10. When you just wanna go home pero ayaw mag-load ng Uber at Grab:

    Star Cinema

    11. Or 'pag may kotse ka nga pero ayaw naman mag-load ng Waze:

    Star Cinema

    12. When your service provider calls you to remind you of your "unpaid" bill:

    Cong TV

    13. When you decide to call them report a complain:


    14. 'Pag paulit-ulit na lang 'yung sinasabi ng customer service:


    15. When all they can say is "sorry po for the inconvenience":

    Star Cinema

    16. When the maintenance guys arrive at your house to "fix" the problem:

    Star Cinema

    17. When, even after all that hassle, ang bagal pa din

    18. So mang-aaway ka na naman ng service provider, and this time you'll be more aggressive:

    Star Cinema / BuzzFeed

    DRAG 'EM

    19. TBH though, walang mabagal na net sa taong galet:

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