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    Posted on May 10, 2017

    22 Things You Can't Get Away With If You Grew Up With A Filipino Mom

    Being conditioned early on that '7PM' is actually 'midnight.'

    1. Being educated in the most unconventional way.

    Twitter: @fviralcom / Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    2. Being betrayed in the most miserable of ways.

    3. Seeing the strangest of things inside the fridge and not even questioning it.

    4. Running around the house and slipping because kaka-floorwax lang ng nanay mo.


    Floorwax + bunot = death.

    5. Being forced to sleep in the afternoon even though all you wanted to do was to play.

    AMC / BuzzFeed

    6. Having irrational and racist fears.

    7. Getting sick without being told "Ayan kasi, kakakompyuter mo!"

    Star Cinema / BuzzFeed

    8. Or being rubbed raw with Vicks every time you complain about any pain.

    Vicks / BuzzFeed

    9. Doing something bad and feeling the pain of tsinelas being slapped on your butt as punishment.

    10. Having nice toys and not being able to play with them because "baka masira/madumihan."

    Isabelle Laureta

    "Tago muna natin, ha? FOREVER."

    11. Or having nice chinaware and not being able to eat on them.

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    "Baka mabasag!"

    12. Having to guess WTF your mom is referring to with her lips.

    You learn over time.

    13. Being conditioned early on that 7PM is already midnight.

    14. And 6AM is already super late.

    15. Dealing with all the mind games.

    16. Almost being force-fed when you can't eat a grain of rice anymore.

    Twitter: @ferdddaws / BuzzFeed

    17. Ruining your strict diet because your mom cooks the best food and you can't help but to reach for that extra rice.


    18. Learning life "hacks" para makatipid.

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    No shampoo, no problem!

    19. Having to wear your older siblings'/cousins' clothes "kaysa bumili ng bago, o 'di ba?"

    20. Finding your favorite shirt on the floor being used as basahan.

    21. Having to imagine a miserable future without your nanay.

    Allan Francis Cicario / BuzzFeed

    22. And finally, you can't get away with your nanay herself even though you're already an adult.

    But that's only because she loves you so much. Love you too, Nay! Happy mother's day po! 💕💕💕

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