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8 Characters You'll Encounter In Every Filipino Soap Opera

Tissues may or may not be required.

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1. The female lead character.


She’s either (1) drop dead gorgeous and stays that way no matter how many problems she encounters, or (2) stereotypically ugly. She’s also so unbelievably stupid when it comes to love.

4. The villain.


Usually the male lead’s parents who are so filthy rich they had to wear their Sunday’s best and full on make up while they sleep on their $5 million bed.

Also, they almost always know some hit man who, SPOILER ALERT, would later on (fail to) murder the female lead. But that’s okay because by the end of the series, they will all come to love her and everything will be alright. <3

6. The boy who gets friend-zoned.


Similar to the subpar bitch villain minus the bitch part. He’s kind and does everything for the female lead, but sadly ends up being mayor of the friend zone 'cause the script said so.

8. The neighbor who loves to gossip.


Despite his/her minor role, s/he is always present because who else could possibly tell the female lead that s/he saw her boyfriend hooking up with another girl, amirite?

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