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Sep 2015
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    isabellec4bd6fa41a commented on What Is Your Vagina Horror Story?

    once I fell asleep on the bus and I bled through and my black leggings were soaked and when I got to school I didn't want to sit anywhere and then leave of a puddle of blood so I just decided to sit on my foot and it would eventually dry but I was wearing white keds that day so when… 

    5 years ago

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    isabellec4bd6fa41a commented on What's The Best Halloween Costume You’ve Ever Had?

    A couple years ago I dressed up as Oscar the Grouch. I painted my face green, wore all green, sprayed my hair green and literally strapped on a trashcan and also a trashcan top on my face. But honestly a lot of people thought I was just a trash can

    5 years ago

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