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    20 Things On Amazon That Make Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts

    Romantic love, platonic love, self-love...there are gifts here for everyone.

    Hi shoppers! At this point, it's very likely that gifts may not arrive in time for 2/14: it all depends on the retailer, the item, where you live, and how much $$$ you're willing to spend on expedited shipping.

    So please enjoy our gift ideas, but understand that, for many of these items, you'll have to simply let your loved one know that their gift may be arriving *later*. 

    1. A shower wine and beer holder, because, hello, is there anything better than wining down while winding down? Jokes aside, this holds their glass of chardonnay or their favorite IPA while they scrub their scalps or enjoy a bath during their well-deserved "me time" sessions.

    2. A mini humidifier that I saw one coworker of mine using at their desk, and I've been obsessed with the concept ever since. If your partner is pretty hooked on their skincare routine, this portable, USB-powered humidifier will help them keep their moisture barrier in check at the office, in bed, in the living get the idea.

    3. A set of six flower hair claws because one of the easiest ways for your boo to put their hair up is with a claw clip. They'll love the ease of gathering their hair in a flash while adding a cute flair to their outfit that reminds them that spring is almost here!

    4. A National Geographic geode kit for the little ones on V-Day OR your geography-loving boo thang. If someone you love enjoys exploring the outdoors for new plant species and rock formations, then their eyes will light up with this sparkling geode discovery kit.

    5. An electric wine opener — is there *anything* worse than hosting a beautiful dinner for your love, only to put on a show as you struggle with a traditional corkscrew effectively spilling the Beaujolais nouveau everywhere? Both you and your spouse will love this nifty gift on the night of love and down the line when you're saving them from future dinner party mishaps.

    6. An 18-pack of fine-tip pens so pretty, you might want to get them for yourself (in the name of self-love, duh). These pens are perfect for anyone who can't function without their bullet journal, or for anyone who simply wants to add some pizzazz to their usual note-taking.

    7. A pair of noise-canceling earbuds for your partner who lives by the phrase the grind never stops. These earbuds are perfect for those who work from a busy home and need a bit of quiet during their 9–5, or those who like to get fully in the zone while they work out. Plus, because of their ergonomic shape, these earbuds will actually stay in their ears for hours.

    8. A set of colorful crystal wine glasses, because your sweetheart brings so much color into your life — their wine glasses should reflect that.

    a reviewer's set of wine glasses

    9. A Vitruvi ceramic diffuser for your partner who loves to surround themselves with wonderful scents. Whether they're diffusing essential oils to brighten their home or just like the soft noise to help them fall asleep, they'll surely fall in love with you even more after receiving this chic piece of functional decor.

    the diffuser in white

    10. A pair of non-prescription retro blue-light-blocking glasses your work bestie who is always straining their eyes at their desk will love. These glasses help block blue light from your computer, tablet, or phone, while also keeping your trendy 'fit in check.

    11. A collapsible jewelry box for the person who is always displaying their jewelry across their nightstand at the end of the day. This'll give your love a cute little home (which is small enough for travel!!) for their daily pieces.

    a reviewer's jewelry box

    12. A picnic set with everything they need to dine al fresco, because sure, the weather is cooler around most of the country this time of year, but that doesn't mean you can't still have a romantic picnic for the big day — even if it's just on your living room floor.

    13. A retro-inspired stainless-steel toaster for the best pal who always puts the word 'vintage' in front of whichever home goods product they're searching for. This toaster comes in a slew of colors, one of which will inevitably go perfectly with their kitchen.

    the toaster in pink

    14. A candle-making kit, because your candle-obsessed love deserves to unleash their creativity! This kit includes an array of colors and scents to help them create the perfect candle of their dreams.

    15. And a candle accessory set if lighting those candles they made for V-Day *sounds* romantic...until your babe's candle starts flickering dangerously because of the super long wick. This will ensure that their fancy candles burn evenly, and will look super cute on any coffee table!

    the set in rose gold

    16. A light-up, macramé dream catcher for the person you know who is always logging notes in their dream journal. This'll look *so* cute hanging above their bed, and give them a night-light option for reading sessions that go into the wee hours of the morning! (Can I get an "oh yeahhh" for two-in-one gifts???)

    a dream catcher in a reviewer's room

    17. And a water carafe and glass set to help your book-loving partner stay hydrated as they nose-dive into their favorite novel late into the night. But! This individual-sized carafe isn't just for water — you can also use it to store mouthwash in the bathroom (so chic!) or display a fancy bevvie during a dinner party.

    18. A Shiatsu foot massager, just in case your sweetie is ALWAYS asking for a foot rub at the end of the day. Unlike your human hands, this massager won't say it's "too tired" after five minutes — it has six massage heads that knead tired feet at two speeds for as long as they like. Oh, AND it heats up to add to the spa-like experience. Get ready to hear some serious "oohs" and "ahhs."

    a person resting their feet on the foot massager

    19. A circular saw pizza cutter for the pizza lover in your life. You can accompany this gift with a cute message — something along the lines of "you have a pizza my heart" should do the trick.

    20. And a set of faux succulents, if, despite their best efforts, your boo simply cannot keep plants alive. This'll liven up any space, and serve as a reminder of the love you two share whenever they see it!

    a reviewer's set

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