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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Make Your Home Look So Amazing Extreme Home Makeover Will Have Nothing To Do

    Ty Pennington could never.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An upholstered bench that's way more important for a home makeover than you may think! An entry bench is the first and last thing your guests will see when visiting your home, so you'll want a piece as sleek as this one for a great impression.

    the bench in black

    2. A faux leather armchair to turn your living room into a chic hotel lobby in the blink of an eye.

    tan colored faux leather armchair

    3. An open-face metal clock so you can show off every square inch of that wallpaper you just hung. Or, if you're anti-wallpaper, this piece will give you something pretty to look at while counting down the time until your WFH hours are over.

    the metal clock in gold on a wall

    4. A contemporary glass console table perfect for small spaces. When elevating a tight space, the trick is to buy furniture that takes up more vertical space so there's more walking room in your home.

    tall glass console table with a gold finish

    5. And a farmhouse mirror you'll need to open up that space even more. This will make all your cottagecore decor dreams come true.

    the mirror in the shape of an arched window with two panels, hung on a wall

    6. A pair of seagrass and woven rope baskets that'll be a new home to all the miscellaneous magazines, charging cords, and extra blankets you have lying around.

    seagrass baskets with handle and white woven rope bottoms

    7. A decorative pillow to celebrate spring with florals. If bright colors aren't your thing, you'll certainly want to snag this pillow to add a mellow (but fun!) pattern to your living room.

    8. A curved entry table because your dining room table needs a break from doubling as your phone, keys, and mail storage. Get this to rid clutter from other parts of the home.

    the table in a white wooden top with gold legs

    9. A sleek tripod floor lamp to bring some serious MCM vibes to your contemporary reading nook.

    tripod floor lamp with black base and white lamp shade

    10. An artificial fiddle-leaf fig tree that looks so real, maybe you'll even trick yourself into believing that you have a green thumb.

    the artificial fiddle fig tree on a table

    11. A pair of solid iron vases you can store dried flowers in or just use as decor pieces on your mantle for a luxe addition to your other knickknacks.

    the pitcher vases in a gold color

    12. A textured ceramic planter so cute, it'll make you run out and finally purchase your first real plant.

    ivory ceramic planter with stand and plant inside

    13. A woven throw blanket to wrap yourself in cozy warmth while bingeing Worst Roommate Ever. Whenever you're done, just drape the blanket over your couch, armchair, or bed to amp up the farmhouse feel of your space.

    the throw blanket draped over a chest

    14. A contemporary minimalist desk that's basically the highly elevated, sleek adult version of a school desk — except now, you get paid to work.

    walnut colored desk with two shelves

    15. A decorative globe you can use to pinpoint your next dream getaway while sitting at your work desk. Just spin the globe and take a deep breath the next time your boss Slacks you during your lunch break.

    the globe in black and warm colors sitting on a dresser

    16. A modern square arm velvet sofa because adding a piece of velvet furniture to your space is one of the easiest ways to give your home a complete makeover without, you know, actually doing a whole reno.

    green velvet two-seat sofa

    17. A geometric area rug that'll give your space a modern upgrade while keeping your toesies nice and warm in the early morning!

    the rug

    18. A kitchen island cart so you can *finally* store your pots and pans somewhere that isn't inside your oven. Yay! Plus, this cart gives you more counter space for when you're looking to bake some homemade goodies.

    white kitchen island cart with wood top and wheels

    19. A marble tray with sooo much potential for sprucing up your space. You can use this tray as a home for your fragrances, candles, or even extra beauty products in the bathroom.

    the marble tray in oval with gold handles

    20. An accent storage cabinet because there's nothing in the world that can save the look of a space when it's extra cluttered. If a quick upgrade is what you're after, you'll want a cabinet like this one to store all the books, magazines, and remotes that are currently cluttering your coffee table.

    the navy accent storage cabinet with two doors

    21. A gold leaf wall sconce in the event that you love candles, but don't have enough shelf or table space for them in your city apartment.

    two of the sconces hung on a wall, holding candles

    22. A glam tufted bench that'll add some chic seating to your room. If you don't have enough space in your bedroom for a bench, this can also double as a coffee table in the living room!

    the tufted bench with blue velvet and gold legs

    23. A tall bookcase with glass shelves to show off how much of a bookworm you are to your guests while looking suuuper cute and modern.

    the bookcase in gold with five glass shelves

    24. A rustic solid wood dresser because your extra sweats, t-shirts, and intimates deserve to b be tucked away in style instead of sprawled haphazardly on your floor!

    A five-drawer dresser in a weathered brown stain

    25. A jute floor pouf serving major SoCal beach house vibes. Even if you don't live in the Golden State, this pouf will have you dreaming of beachy getaways whether you sit on it, set your coffee on it, or just longingly stare at it.

    natural jute floor pouf next to a blue couch

    26. An arched floor mirror to up the ante on your mirror selfies. Warning: more people may comment on your mirror than your #OOTD, but that's to be expected with a piece as cool as this one.

    the mirror standing on the floor

    27. A faux-fur throw pillow that's pretty much all you need to up the glam factor of your pillow setup. And yes, a simple pillow upgrade can completely alter the look and feel of your home.

    Super furry square pillows in various including white, gray, pink, seafoam green, and maroon.

    28. A set of tea goblets so cute, they might just be the key to drinking more water throughout the day. Hydration and extra style points?? Yes, please.

    29. A six-cube storage organizer you pretty much need if you have more than two people living in your home. You can assign everyone a cubby for their hats, scarves, and other outdoor accessories. This is your ticket to a clutter-free entryway once and for all!

    rustic gray 6-cube organizer shelf with baskets and shoes inside

    30. A set of two floating shelves that are a *lifesaver* in tiny spaces. I use my floating shelves to store books in my room and salt and pepper shakers in my kitchen.

    the floating wall shelves holding decor

    31. And an iron room divider to turn your studio apartment into a (sort of) one-bedroom apartment. Room dividers are a great way to mimic the look of a wall without having to actually add a whole wall, giving you more privacy in your space when you have guests over.

    the room divider with a gold leaf design

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