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    20 Things From Amazon That Make Perfect Gifts

    Here's something for every coffee lover, jewelry aficionado and stargazer in your life (plus everyone else).

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    1. A portable Bluetooth speaker to please your favorite music lover. This speaker is LOUD — so loud, you might wonder how so much sound can come from something so tiny. Oh, and it's waterproof, too, meaning that it'll be a hit during trips to the pool or beach, or just daily showers.

    2. A Lodge cast-iron skillet that is the perfect gift for any foodie's kitchen. This set comes pre-seasoned and ready-to-use for all your giftee's searing, roasting, baking, sauteeing, and frying needs.

    both cast iron skillets in use during a camping trip

    3. An opal stacking ring so that your loved ones can have accessories as sparkling as their personalities.

    an opal wrap around ring with gold metal

    4. A car vacuum cleaner for your friend who has a small child...and beautiful memories of how clean their car was back before they had a small child. The vacuum has three attachments, and plugs directly into the 12v aux outlet.

    5. A 145-piece art set with crayons, oil pastels, colored pencils, watercolor cakes and more, because the gift of colorful creativity is one of the best presents anyone can receive.

    an art set with crayons, colored pencils, pastels, watercolors and more

    6. A wide brim fedora hat that your bestie can pair perfectly with a T-shirt and jeans, or a flowing dress while having a Sunday brunch with friends (i.e. you).

    a model wearing a faux suede wide brim hat with a faux leather strap

    7. A rechargeable milk frother for the latte lover in your life. But this baby can do more than just help you achieve a coffee-shop worthy mug of joe at home — you can also use it to whisk matcha, or even dabble in making a frothy Greek frappe, which involves whipped instant coffee.

    a person using a milk frother to froth milk

    8. An ice making machine, because there's one thing that there never seems to be enough of at parties, and that thing is ice. Consider this for the person in your life who's always throwing stellar get-togethers — or anyone who hates the disappointment of an empty freezer ice tray.

    ice inside of an ice maker machine

    9. A sterling silver snake chain bracelet that is the perfect gift for both minimalists and maximalists: minimalists can wear this bracelet on its own to amp up their spare, curated style, and maximalists can stack charms onto it to show off their more-is-more tendencies.

    10. A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses, for the person whose work keeps them in front of a computer all day. Everyone has the right to protect their retinas and skin from damaging blue light, and to look dang cute while doing it!

    11. A dishwasher safe French press that'll make such fresh cups of joe so good, even Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks will want to come over for breakfast in the morning. Give it to your friend who's desperate to break their Starbucks habit.

    a silver french press with a black cup of coffee in front of it

    12. An 18-karat gold plated anklet, because your jewelry-loving friends and fam deserve to deck themselves out in accessories — yes, even on their ankles.

    a gold chain anklet on a models ankle

    13. An all-in-one virtual reality headset so that the gamer in your life can fully immerse themself into their playtime. This VR headset works with video games but also connects to VR YouTube videos and shows.

    14. A card holder, because your friends are so stylish, even their cards deserve a fabulous home.

    15. A breakfast sandwich maker that will save your breakfast-loving friend a load of time and money as they stop buying drive-thru breakfast sandwiches.

    a person making an egg sandwich in a breakfast sandwich maker

    16. A bucket hat, because '90s style is back — so make sure your most Spice Girls-and-Fresh Prince-obsessed friend is appropriately attired.

    17. An Instax mini instant camera for your friend who loves retro technology — or your friend who's in love with their camera phone, but could also use a change.

    a purple instax mini polaroid camera

    18. A silicone egg yolk separator, because shouldn't EVERYTHING in your loved ones' kitchens be THIS cute?!

    a pig shaped egg yolk separator

    19. A 70mm travel telescope for your friend who can't resist pointing out the Big Dipper every time you're out at night. Now, they'll be able to actually see beyond the major constellations.

    20. A pair of 14-karat gold plated hoop earrings, because if your friend wears earrings, they need a solid pair of hoops for their collection – so why not get them at a fraction of the usual price?

    a model wearing gold hoops in their ear

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