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    31 Things From Walmart For Anyone Who Spends Basically All Their Time In The Kitchen

    From morning to night, these'll upgrade even the biggest pro's day in the kitchen.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Brim espresso machine to help you up the ante with your cappuccino-making skills. The perfect tool to help energize you before a long day of cooking.

    The stainless steel espresso machine

    Promising review: “The craftsmanship of this machine is amazing. It is top-quality and I love my mornings a little more now. The instructional manual is great and easy to follow. I love all the different options it has and I am excited for all of the other coffee recipes I will be able to try with this espresso maker." —Victoria8310

    Price: $399.99

    2. A foldable recipe book stand for holding your tablet or recipe book while you follow your fifth recipe of the week. This stand has an adjustable slope, making it perfect for people of all heights. Our favorite part? It's collapsable, making storage that much easier.

    The wooden stand

    Price: $11.69

    3. A rice and grain cooker that'll help you say goodbye to rice-turned-rice-porridge forever. This 20-cup rice maker is extremely simple to use; add the appropriate amount of rice and water as directed, close the lid, and let the machine do its magic.

    The rice cooker

    Promising review: “I had never owned a rice cooker before and was a skeptic. I ordered this rice cooker after looking aimlessly for the best quality and made the purchase. Followed the directions upon receiving it and it came out perfectly the first time. I was shocked.” —Nikki

    Price: $39.92

    4. A Pioneer Woman 9-piece prep set, because shouldn’t measuring ingredients always be THIS ADORABLE?! This set includes four measuring bowls, four measuring spoons, and a quarter-cup measuring cup to ensure that your recipes turn out perfectly every time.

    The colorful, floral prep bowl set

    Promising review: “These are all beautiful and very sturdy — I have only had them less than a week but used them three times and love it. Great for wet or dry ingredients, and wonderful to have such a large measuring cup that isn't bulky! Great deal, PW!” —tamilinn316

    Price: $20.32

    5. A Hamilton Beach 7-quart slow cooker for multitasking like a pro in the kitchen. Simply throw a stew into this bad boy while you take care of other things, like dessert.

    The slow cooker

    Promising review: “It works great! I cooked pork roast in it and it was tender and delicious. I love the size and its ability to be programmed to cook and turn off automatically.” —Edith

    Price: $34.96

    6. A Ninja 4-quart air fryer so you can fry chicken to crispy golden perfection without the need for oil. A true necessity for everyone in the kitchen.

    The air fryer

    Promising review: “This unit is pretty much an all kitchen appliances in one unit. It is killer to be able to air fry, roast reheat and dehydrate all in one device. This thing is so simple to use, and cleanup can be done in a flash.” —Supersox

    Price: $89.00

    7. A silicone baking mat that'll be the perfect surface for baking cookies. The best part? They’re dishwasher-safe, meaning you’ll have more time enjoying your baked goods and less time cleaning.

    The silicone baking mat

    Promising review: “Exactly what you need on a top of a baking tray. No oil, butter, etc., is required for the perfect baking anymore!” —Verified Purchaser

    Price: $8.39

    8. A cast-iron Dutch oven for making everything from soups and stews to homemade sourdough bread. Julia Child would be proud.

    The red dutch oven cooking a rice dish

    Promising review: “Im so pleased with this Dutch oven. In addition to its beauty, it’s a good weight (11.6lb), and has ample room for soaking/cooking large amounts of beans, making stews or searing large roasts. Makes a wonderful addition to my stove top, but not so large that it can’t be stored away in a cabinet. But why hide such a convenient and beautiful piece of cookware?” —Lori

    Price: $39.94

    9. A Rubbermaid food storage set so you can say goodbye to all miscellaneous plasticware in your fridge. This is the perfect set for organizing everything from leftover stir-fry to that homemade tapenade you've been meaning to master.

    The glass food storage set

    This set includes four 0.5 cup containers with lids, two 1.3 cup containers with lids, one 3.2 cup container with a lid, two 4.7 cup containers with lids, and one 9.6 cup container with a lid.

    Promising review: "I LOVE these containers! Very sturdy, great seal, no leak, and best of all, no odor! I've stored jambalaya, fajita meat, and spaghetti all with no stains or residual odor left after cleaning. Cleanup is easy. I'm able to hand wash or throw it in the dishwasher. I will be buying another set!" —James

    Price: $35.99

    10. A Mllieroo digital kitchen scale to help with those recipes that are only written in grams. This kitchen scale holds up to 11 pounds, meaning it will help you get precise measurements while baking, but also work well with other foods, like pieces of cubed meats, too.

    The kitchen scale weighing kiwis

    Promising review: "Works great. The tare feature is great to use. I find I am using this for a lot more recipes than I thought I would. I got it to make soap, but so far have used it for cooking a lot of things. I should have gotten one sooner." —Rebecca

    Price: $11.50

    11. A Hamilton Beach grinder, because let's face it: any chef will let you know that freshly ground spices are crucial for perfectly seasoning our favorite dishes. But why stop there? This grinder works great with whole coffee beans, too.

    The grinder filled with ground coffee beans

    Promising review: "The quality and features far exceed the price. I grind a lot of spices and having a removable grinding bowl for emptying the spices and washing it clean was a welcome feature. It's powerful and does its job in seconds." —Annie 23

    Price: $19.99

    12. A Marcato Atlas pasta maker so you can always finish the day with a perfect plate of freshly-made pasta. With its ten thickness settings, this pasta machine will ensure an even thickness with every noodle of lasagna, fettuccini, or tagliatelle made.

    Hand churning pasta dough with pasta maker

    Promising review: “It works really well. Much better than rolling out by hand to make fresh, thin pasta.” —Michael

    Price: $59.99

    13. A Pioneer Woman 12-piece dinnerware set which includes four dinner plates, four salad plates, and four bowls to display your hard work. The ornate designs on these plates look almost as pretty as the food you will be serving.

    The blue dish set with scalloped edges

    You'll get four salad plates, four bowls, and four dinner plates.

    Promising review: “This is a beautiful set. The bowls seem larger than most which my teenage boy appreciates. There are beads around the borders which give it a classy and timeless look.” —reviewMD

    Price: $46.92

    14. A Black + Decker power scrubber, because homemade macaroni and cheese is heavenly, but baked-on grime is not. This scrubber head rotates as it scrubs pots, pans, and dishes to a glimmering state of perfection.

    Hand scrubbing dirty pan with power scrubber

    Promising review: "I thoroughly enjoy using my power scrubber and I use it all over the house! I've even used it in my car! It makes scrubbing easy and allows you to do some next-level cleaning." —JamesK517

    Price: $14.99

    15. A food chopper for all the mirepoix you’re most likely chopping endlessly. This device saves your time, while also saving you from any onion-induced tears.

    Hands slicing an onion with the food chopper

    Promising review: “When I tell you the NutriChopper has saved me so much time and energy in the kitchen. I love to cook for family and friends but sometimes the prep can be too much. Everything came out perfectly. I like that it does not take up a lot of space in the kitchen and has several different chopping options.” —ucprincess2002

    Price: $16.97

    16. An Instant Pot silicone mini mitt set that'll ensure you never hurt yourself on hot pots or pans ever again. Plus, they’re made of silicone, meaning that they are anti-microbial and easy to clean. A true win-win situation.

    The set of red mini mitts

    Promising review: “These are a MUST if you have racks/trays to slide out of the air fryer. Regular oven mitts are too cumbersome. These are fantastic.” —Melissa P

    Price: $9.54

    17. A Ginsu Gourmet 19-piece Japanese knife set, because there is no chef without a proper chef's knife. It's as simple as that.

    The serrated chef's knife

    This set contains all the cutting essentials: inside a bamboo finish block are eight steak knives, a chef's knife, a slicing and carving knife, a bread knife, a santokiu knife, a cleaver, a boning knife, a utility knife, a paring knife, kitchen shears, and a honing rod for easy sharpening.

    Promising review: “Finding a really good, strong knife set is extremely difficult to find so I am SO thrilled to have stumbled upon this one!! The knives are durable, strong, and do not chip. They cut really smoothly and I don't have to break into a sweat to cut my food. The set is well rounded giving a household a variety they need." —AMGarcia

    Price: $143.96

    18. A Lodge cast-iron grill pan for cooking steaks and sausages, or making the *perfect* grilled cheese sandwich. This griddle is pre-seasoned, meaning it’ll be ready-to-use straight out of the box.

    The cast iron grill pan cooking steak

    Promising review: "This is my best purchase of the year; wish I had bought it 10 years ago! I use it almost every day: steaks, chicken, pork, shrimp, burgers, veggies — everything comes out perfect. The pan cleans up easily and ready-to-use for the next day." —SGFisher

    Price: $19.92

    19. A Somerset Home kitchen towel set that'll spruce up your dishwashing experience. This set of towels are great for dish-drying, counter cleaning, or can be decoratively hung on your stove.

    The set of dish towels

    Promising review: “We bought these because we were looking for regular kitchen towels that didn't cost $7- $10 apiece! These have a great texture and soak up the water. I'm glad we got these!” —awarmgir

    Price: $22.88 (available in four colors)

    20. A pineapple corer, because let’s face it — slicing and coring pineapples is a chore. Simply twist this tool into the top of a pineapple and enjoy hassle-free slices of this delicious fruit.

    The pineapple corer

    Promising review: “Very simple design but works great and is easy to clean. Much easier than the other kind I have.” —Green

    Price: $9.26

    21. A Wilton Deluxe decorating tip set for anyone looking to perfect their piping skills. This set comes with tips ranging in various shapes and sizes, making it the perfect assistant while icing cakes, cupcakes, and even cookies.

    The frosting piper being used on cake

    Promising review: “I love working with these tips, it makes creating beautiful cakes and cupcakes fun and easy.” —Rosemary

    Price: $32.25

    22. A SodaStream Fountain home soda maker, because it is important to stay hydrated throughout a long day of being in the kitchen. This is the perfect tool for all you carbonated-drink-loving people out there.

    Model using the SodaStream

    Promising review: “It's a great way to make your own sparkling drink for cheap. It only takes a minute or two to make and it has an authentic taste.” —sg

    Price: $49.88

    23. A Pioneer Woman wood cutting board that can double as a meat and cheese serving plate. We are all here for those culinary 2-in-1 products.

    The wooden cutting board

    Promising review: “I never thought I'd describe a piece of wood designed to protect your countertops as beautiful, but this cutting board is very attractive. The weight is great -—not too light, not too heavy, and thicker than my other cutting boards. It also has a great 'feel' to the surface. I cook a lot and this board is one that might become a permanent fixture on my counters instead of being stored in the cabinet between uses.” —Cassie

    Price: $22.97

    24. A can organizer for all of the cans hiding in the back of your cupboard. This organizer slides for easy access and works great to organize canned soups and sauces in a cabinet, or canned beverages in the fridge.

    The metal wire can organizer

    Promising review: “I added a couple to my pantry shelves and now I can find everything immediately. They're very strong and secure. I'll definitely be getting more for other areas. Very good purchase.” —njm831

    Price: $37.36

    25. A NutiriSlicer standing mandolin slicer to provide sweet relief from the worry of slicing your finger as you work with a mandolin. The device suctions to any surface to provide stability and support as you crank your carrots into perfectly julienned slices.

    The madolin slicer with handle for slicing

    Promising review: "It's easy to use. It's easy to clean. It's easy to store. Easy, easy, easy." —Keziamay

    Price: $19.99

    26. A Wilton three-tier cooling rack that will save counter space while cooling all of the treats you’ll be baking. Plus, this rack is collapsible, making it perfect for stowing away when not in use.

    The three-tier metal cooling rack

    Promising review: “I've been baking macarons and eclairs lately and the trays fit perfectly in this cooling rack and it takes so much less space than the separate racks that I have.” —Maggie

    Price: $13.57

    27. A Mainstays cushioned kitchen mat, because standing on our feet while cooking all day can take a toll on our bodies. This mat provides proper support for our aching backs and absorbs shocks that otherwise would wreak havoc on our knees.

    The black cushioned mat

    Promising review: "It is so easy to just wipe this off if anything gets spilled on it. I am usually barefoot when I am washing dishes and this is so comfortable on my feet. It gives me enough cushion that my feet don't hurt at all when I am standing on it for long periods of time. I also love that it stars in place really well. It never slips around or pulls up at the edges like the rug I had in there before." —Heather

    Price: $10

    28. A Nostalgia ice cream maker to unleash your pastry chef within. Not only does this machine churn delicious scoops of classic vanilla ice cream, but also creates delectable bowls of frozen yogurt and sorbet for everyone to enjoy.

    The ice cream maker

    Promising review: “Nice lightweight traditional hand crank ice cream maker. Brings me back to my childhood. So easy to make delicious ice cream. The work and cranking are part of the fun. Highly recommended." —applepie11

    Price: $24.99

    29. A FoodSaver vacuum sealer system for the ultimate day of food prep. Use this vacuum sealer packages steaks, fish, and cooked foods. The results? Food that will last longer in the deep freezer without ever worrying about freezer burn.

    The vacuum sealer with included bags

    Promising review: “I took the time to empty my freezer and repackage all of my frozen meat, fruits, vegetables, and bread. It is so worth it as recently frozen bagels already had the beginning of freezer ice inside of ziplock bags I had packaged them in. I repackaged, vacuum packed, and labeled everything and it actually takes up less room in my freezer.” —Laurajo

    Price: $89.00

    30. A Black + Decker electric carving knife to take care of those perfect slices of roasted meats in a jiffy. This tool comes with two blades and blade covers, making storage simple, too.

    The electric knife

    Promising review: “Finally an electric knife that I can get behind. All my life I have found electric knives FAR TOO EXPENSIVE. This knife is not only quite reasonably priced but it is also so well designed and it feels great in the hand — not awkward at all. ” —Christopher T

    Price: $14.97

    31. A Cuisinart citrus juicer for when life gives you one too many lemons (or limes, oranges, grapefruit; any citrus fruit, really). This juicer's sleek design takes up little counter space, but don't let its size fool you; it juices all of your citrus fruits to your preferred pulp-to-juice ratio in no time.

    The stainless steel juicer

    Promising review: “I live in Hawaii and have more tangerines than I can eat. Each morning I fill a bowl and then juice them. It's heavenly! Great machine, the way it reverses as well as spins. Works perfectly." —Little Tom

    Price: $29.95

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