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    25 Gifts From Chewy That Your Pet Will Genuinely Be Glad You Bought

    For all the fur babies on your gift list.

    What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

    Stock and shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it. You can see Chewy's full shipping information here

    1. An automatic cat feeder for the feline in your life who never seems to stop meowing for food. This will ensure that they do not overeat — or under-eat if you, by chance, forget that it's dinnertime for them since you can schedule when it releases food.

    A cat sitting next to a cat food dispenser

    2. A bacon-flavored dog bone in case their favorite pastime is to chew on your belongings. This bone is durable and tasty to them, meaning that they'll play with it for hours on end.

    A dog chewing on the bone

    3. A round warming cat bed to provide them with a comfortable place to lounge. This bed is perfect for those with cats who sleep only in the places most inconvenient to you, like right on your pillow.

    4. A set of carpeted pet stairs so that they can easily hop onto and climb down couches while you sit back and enjoy your latest Netflix binge.

    A dog using the large stairs in brown to get on a couch

    5. A Catit grass planter that'll keep them from eating the plants around your home. This is extremely important to have as a cat owner since some house plants are actually toxic to cats.

    a cat sitting next to a pot overgrown with cat grass

    6. A Catit flower water fountain since some cats enjoy running water, as opposed to water that sits still in a bowl. This fountain filters water to ensure that they have a crisp and clean drink every time.

    7. A breed identification DNA test so that they can find out what it is they're actually made of. This test is similar to the ones humans use to uncover their ancestry — except this uncovers their breed mix, which can play a key role in understanding how to care for their health.

    8. A Hertzko self-cleaning brush with retractable teeth to make cleanup after a good brushing experience so easy, you'll wish you purchased it sooner. And since it's designed to be pain-free, your pet will be thankful for it, too.

    9. A dinosaur hide-and-seek plush toy, just in case they're ones to rip apart pillows, sweaters, and shoes to see what's inside. Simply stuff this toy with the plush dinosaurs and watch them have at this game for hours.

    Dog enjoying the birthday volcano dinosaur hide-and-seek plush toy

    10. A fuzzy cat tree so that they can have something other than your couch to scratch during their free time. This tree has a hammock, too, which is perfect for midday cat naps.

    a white and orange cat sitting in an ivory cat tree with two scratching posts and two furry pom poms

    11. A cave cat bed, because cats love to lounge in enclosed spaces. This super-plush bed gives the coziness and support they need during sleep.

    A grey cat sitting inside a beige cave bed

    12. A Nylabone teething pacifier, because a teething puppy will chew on practically anything to soothe their growing pains. Consider this for the little pupper who won't stop gnawing at pretty much everything around the house.

    a dog using the chew toy

    13. An interactive roller cat toy, because playing isn't just for kittens! Playtime is vital to ensuring that your cat can maintain their physical health and mental awareness throughout their life. I have this toy, and my two cats play with it for hours on end.

    A cat playing with a triple-tiered blue cat toy

    14. A wall-mounted sisal cat scratcher, because many cats seem to believe that everything under the sun is a scratching post. Help your furniture with this nifty scratcher, while giving them their very own space to groom their claws.

    The cat scratcher in gray mounted on a wall

    15. A feather teaser toy to ignite the hunter spirit within them. Whether they chase this toy around the house, or cuddle with it during a cat nap, your cat will appreciate you for this one.

    a kitten playing with the pink toy

    16. A container of calming chicken-flavored hemp treats, because they get the Sunday scaries, too! This helps to soothe their anxious nerves, which is especially helpful during thunderstorms.

    17. A sliding pet puzzle, just in case they're always looking for a piece of your sushi dinner. Yes, this *is* a toy that *resembles* food, but it'll still satisfy their appetite! Simply move a piece of "sushi" to the side, place a treat inside the compartment, close the toy, and watch your cat move the board about endlessly until they reach their yummy morsels of food.

    18. An oatmeal paw butter, because they deserve a mani and pedi, too! This'll soothe their achy paws that dry up during the cool winter.

    Dog enjoying the oatmeal paw butter

    19. A squeaky Lamb Chop plush toy that they can chase around the house, or simply use as a cozy pillow during a nap.

    a dog laying on a large lambchop toy

    20. A snug doggie raincoat, because they don't like becoming wet during their daily walks just as much as you don't like the aroma of a wet dog. This'll keep them dry while they sniff around the neighborhood.

    Dog wearing the doggie raincoat

    21. A laser pointer that'll grab all their attention while you take care of your seemingly never-ending to-do list.

    a cat staring at a laser pointed on the ground

    22. A hanging koala bed, because they can use a space to cozy up in that is almost as cute as they are.

    a ferret inside of a hanging koala bed in its cage

    23. A self-grooming cat toy for the feline in your life who cannot get enough of those precious cheek scratches. This product adheres to any corner in your home, making self-grooming a breeze for your kitty.

    a white and grey cat scratching its cheek on a self groomer toy adhered to a corner

    24. A knotted dog rope that'll give them something other than your shoes to chew on.

    a dog chewing at the rope toy

    25. And an aquarium ornament, because who lives in a pineapple under a sea? That's right, your fish does, and they can't *begin* to thank you for their cozy new home.

    a pineapple ornament in a fish tank

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