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    26 Things From Boohoo Under $50 That Look So Comfy, You’ll Want To Wear Them All The Time

    Because you shouldn't pay an arm and a leg for comfort and style.

     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A pair of smoky ribbed flare pants, because hanging out with your closest friends doesn't mean you shouldn't wear pants that both look cute and feel like sweats.

    2. A cozy acid wash three-piece set just in case you're looking to look chic at home while you binge on the fabulous tales in My Unorthodox Life.

    3. A linen midi dress that you can easily wear to a beachside dinner, to work, or even during your off days where all you want to do is cozy up with a book in your garden.

    4. A smiley-print graphic tee since there's nothing cozier than a classic T-shirt. Consider sizing up with this one for an oversized fit that'll look stylish paired with your favorite biker shorts, while still feeling comfortable.

    a model wearing a black t-shirt with a pink smiley face on the front

    5. An off-the-shoulder peplum top that you can wear to an end-of-summer BBQ and look fabulous the whole night through.

    a model wearing an off the shoulder peplum top in black

    6. A button-up with puffed sleeves to streamline your outfits during the work day, while still providing yourself room to move around with these voluminous sleeves.

    a model wearing the shirt in light blue

    7. A pair of tailored wide-leg pants that'll look polished and put-together, while still providing ample opportunities to feel the breeze between your legs.

    8. An argyle varsity crop jumper to make it look as if you've just stepped off the set of Olivia Rodrigo's Good 4 U music video. You can wear this sweater with a pair of cut-off shorts in the summer, and easily transition it to your favorite fall outfits, too.

    model wearing the jumper in a blue color and grey pattern

    9. A pair of floor-length plisse trousers, because plisse will never *not* look chic, and these pants enough stretch to keep you comfy throughout the evening.

    10. A ribbed crop top to wear during those hottest days of the year. This top is great because although it looks like a stylish corset with its ribbed design, it's still loose enough to allow movement throughout the day.

    the model wearing the ribbed crop top in white

    11. An oversized flannel, because everyone deserves to have a flannel in their regular cozy circulation. Consider this one to pair with floral dresses, or to simply wear around the house with a pair of leggings.

    the model wearing the flannel in black and white, unbottoned over a t-shirt and pants

    12. A half-zip sweater, since there's nothing quite like the coziness that an oversized sweater can provide. Plus, this sweater's half-zip design allows you to show off your accessories, amping up the style on your comfortable off-day 'fit.

    the model wearing the sweater in a camel color

    13. A simple LBD to wear to the grocery store, because life is short! Why *shouldn't* you look cute as ever and feel comfortable as you complete your daily to-do list?!

    14. A basic plunge bodysuit that basically feels like a second skin, yet makes it look as if you've spent hours getting ready.

    the model wearing the long sleeve bodysuit in black

    15. A snake print maxi dress so that you can amp up your style during exclusive events without ever skimping out on the comfort that you crave.

    16. A cobalt color-block sweater to add a geometric flair to your WFH outfits.

    the model wearing the geometric crew neck sweater with a baby blue base and cobalt and white blocks

    17. A pair of checkered jersey leggings, because what's better than a cute pair of pants? A pair of cozy leggings that *looks* like a cute pair of pants, that's what.

    18. A striped long-sleeve mini dress, since a night out on the town doesn't mean you have to wear clothes in which you can barely move! Consider this dress in case you need to turn heads while feeling as if you're wearing a long T-shirt.

    19. A pair of skinny pants to stunt on virtually everyone, while experiencing the coziness that is a pair of leggings.

    20. A pair of recycled drawstring joggers, because, after much thought, I cannot think of anything cozier than a pair of gray sweats. Can you?!

    21. A floral romper to wear to an intimate backyard dinner with friends, while still leaving enough flexibility for you to enjoy yourself at the at-home dance party that will follow.

    model wearing the romper in a green and yellow floral design

    22. A bright knitted cardigan that'll have you looking très chic as you pair it with your favorite pair of light-wash jeans and white tennis shoes.

    model wearing the cardigan in hot pink

    23. A smock dress with tassels, because you deserve to have a beach cover-up that helps you serve LOOKS, while making you feel cozy as ever.

    model wearing the dress in black

    24. An off-the-shoulder top that moves with you, not against you. This top is as versatile as a T-shirt, meaning you can wear it time and time again with virtually anything.

    model wearing the top in yellow

    25. A unitard that'll quickly become your new favorite workout get-up. But, the fun doesn't stop there — you can pair this unitard with an oversized button-up and some platform sneakers for a cute outfit for running errands.

    26. And a fuzzy bucket hat, because you should wear hats as much as possible, since they provide your scalp with UV protection! Consider this fuzzy, cozy bucket hat that'll protect you from the sun, and keep you warm this fall.

    model wearing a white fuzzy bucket hat

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