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    31 Best-Selling Products From Wayfair That Are Popular For A Reason

    If you don't have any of these best-selling products yet – well, there is no time like the present.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An adjustable standing desk converter for those of you who want a standing desk, but don't want to say goodbye to your beloved family heirloom piece of furniture. It can hold up to 22 pounds, making it perfect for your desktop, laptop, or anything else you might use throughout the workday. Plus, it stores away beautifully when not in use.

    a black adjustable standing desk converter holding a desktop, ipad, keyboard, and mouse

    Promising review: "Money well spent! Reasonably priced and easy to use-just took it out of the box, tested and put on my desk. Very happy with the height capabilities and ease of use. This will tremendously help my back and neck." –Katherine

    Price: $95.99

    2. A pet hair robotic vacuum cleaner, because let's face it: we all wish we could permanently forget about cleaning up crumbs and pet dander. Oh, and it has a mop attachment to keep your floors extra sparkly and kitty litter-free.

    A red robotic vacuum cleaner on the floor sitting in front of a child and brown labrador

    Promising review: "Love this so far. I foster senior dogs so my floors need constant attention. It picks up short hair very well, and my long hair. I put water and vinegar on the mop pad and let it run for an hour. My floors feel clean and sanitized (the UV light is awesome). I have vinyl floors and rugs, it goes from floor to rug easily without the mop attachment. It has returned to the base every time on its own." –Stacey

    Price: $242.05 (originally $669; available in two colors)

    3. A faux fur throw blanket to help you get through an upcoming chilly winter. This looks great both draped over your couch or over your legs as you start to watch your favorite holiday movies (yes, already).

    Reviewer's picture of the extra plush blanket in grey
    Johanna / Wayfair

    Promising review: "This is the softest throw I’ve ever owned! I find myself curling up on it every time I sit down on the sofa. It feels so smooth and luxurious! If only I could find a robe lined with this fabric!" –Shawnda

    Price: $55.99 (originally $64.99)

    4. A food storage pantry that'll have you saying so long to clutter in your cabinets forever. Pro tip: this works great under a bathroom sink, too.

    a two-tiered wooden pantry storage insert pulled out of a cabinet

    Promising review: "I am now finally organized! I no longer dread putting leftovers away. The pull-out drawer is as advertised and easy to install. My favorite feature is that it slowly self retracts when pushing back in — it will not slam into the back of your cabinet. Great buy. You won’t be disappointed!!" –Cortnee

    Price: $296.99 (originally $441.99)

    5. A woven pouf to add a bit of pizzazz to your living room set-up. Instead of crouching, consider sitting on this while playing with pets or children.

    The pouf

    Promising review: "Exactly what I was looking for. A simple, fashionable foot rest. My granddaughter loves this chair and It was the perfect fit for comfort." –Christina

    Price: $85.99 (originally $144; available in three colors)

    6. A Staub cast-iron Dutch oven, because everybody needs a Dutch oven in their life, whether they know it or not. From sourdough bread to homemade stews, you will surely find yourself cooking anything and everything in this.

    The Dutch ovens in red and white

    Promising review: "Exactly what I wanted. The right size for a roast or a chicken and the veggies or a big pot of soup that I can set to low and let simmer for hours. Love the color, too." –Justine

    Price: $259.95 (originally $464; available in five colors)

    7. A hanging wall hook to free that one chair in your home from its jacket-holding duty. This comes with boxes to store all of the gloves and scarves you'll be wearing this winter season.

    A wall hook with shelves and three wicker baskets, holding keys, a jacket, and a hat

    Promising review: "The hanging wall hook just about completes my mudroom. The baskets are a little small but still enough space for gloves and hats come winter." –Lee

    Price: $113.99 (originally $133.99; available in three colors)

    8. A rotating makeup organizer, because it's time to give your beauty products a home that isn't your makeup bag. Consider buying one for the spices in your kitchen, too.

    a bamboo rotating makeup organizer that holds skincare, nail, and makeup products

    Promising review: I could not love this organizer more! It’s beautifully crafted and the perfect size to help organize all different sized products that once cluttered my counter." –Cassandra

    Price: $43.99 (originally $89.99)

    9. An extensive closet system that'll make Marie Kondo-ing your entire wardrobe as easy as one, two, three. This closet system contains adjustable shelves and an adjustable width to ensure that it fits your style perfectly.

    clothes, shoes, purses, a jewlery box, and a suitcase organized in a closet system with rails and shelves

    Promising review: "This was for a project to extend my closet. I can now put all of my clothes in my closet instead of every closet in the house! It fit perfectly in my new closet with the expandable rods." –Tanesia

    Price: $169.99

    10. A Tempur-Pedic memory foam 3-inch mattress topper, because you deserve to be as comfy as possible while you're dreaming. This mattress topper provides ultimate cushion and support for those who are not ready to say goodbye to their mattresses just yet. Plus, this mattress topper will enhance any temporary bed setup, like those of you living in dorms this semester.

    a white and grey mattress topper on a mattress atop a brown wooden bed frame

    Promising review: "I've bought mattress toppers before and typically am disappointed. This one actually felt good. I don't feel like my hip is pushing unduly into the mattress anymore. It feels cool to the touch. I don't toss and turn at night as much, and my dreams have become more vivid due to the better sleep." –Ellice

    Price: $395.99 (available in sizes twin–Cal king)

    11. A Kohler mirrored medicine cabinet to up the ante on your beauty shelfie. This cabinet has adjustable shelves, meaning that you'll have all the room to customize your ideal organization of everything from tall cans of hairspray to smaller items, like floss and cosmetics.

    a mirrored medicine cabinet with adjustable glass shelves that are holding bathroom essentials. The medicine cabinet is hung above a bathroom sink

    Promising review: "I love this medicine chest. So happy that I now have a recessed cabinet. In a small bathroom, it makes such a big difference. Love the mirrored interior and the price was great. Arrived on time, packaged well, and in perfect condition." –Patricia Kuderna

    Price: $92.97 (originally $182.90)

    12. An eight-in-one air fryer that'll make crispy golden french fries, oil-free. In addition to frying things to perfection, you can also bake, grill, and roast anything your heart desires with this handy kitchen appliance.

    A black air fryer on a kitchen countertop
    Marie Frances / Wayfair

    Promising review: "At first, I was skeptical about purchasing an air fryer; I wasn't sure if all the hype was true. Well, it is! It cooks food fast and tender, leaves no mess, and, best of all, no oil or grease. I can do veggies or casseroles, and even desserts. The cleanup is fast and easy. 100% impressed." –Dale Bybee

    Price: $103.99 (originally $113.99; available in four colors)

    13. A multi-compartment hamper for keeping your whites and darks separate, because even your dirty clothes can be organized.

    The laundry basket with three baskets and a flat surface for folding

    Promising review: "Absolutely love this. Super easy to assemble and very sturdy. Really helps our small laundry room stay organized." –Stacy

    Price: $61.99 (originally $92.99)

    14. A gold, mirrored bar cart so that you can display your most special vintages during wine and cheese night. This can double as a towel and perfume stand in your bathroom, too.

    A gold bar cart with mirrored shelves holding fruit, a pitcher, and bottles of wine

    Promising review: "Absolutely love this mirrored bar cart. Sturdy, not too tricky to put together, the perfect size. The gold is matte and just the right elegant tone. It holds quite a number of bottles, even added several glasses and my punch decanter (more room in my kitchen = YAY). Get it, it's worth it!" –Linda

    Price: $151.99

    15. A weighted blanket that'll keep you warm, cozy, and protected as you watch your favorite series or snooze away.

    a model sleeping while wrapped up in a grey gravity blanket

    Promising review: "Great blanket and the duvet cover is nice and soft. The weighted blanket is easy to take out of the duvet, and easy to put back in. The weight is distributed well, and the blanket is very comforting while sleeping." –James

    Price: $67.99 (originally $99.99; available in three wights)

    16. A cushioned anti-fatigue kitchen mat from Christian Siriano's home line for some added support and shock absorbency during long Sunday afternoons of meal prepping.

    a marble-designed anti-fatigue kitchen mat on the floor in front of a stove

    Promising review: "I love this, love this, love this! It is a generous size, super comfy, not slippery at all, stays put, and looks amazing! What more could you want? I get compliments on it all the time." –Alicia

    Price: $42.97 (originally $69.99; available in two colors)

    17. A full-length mirror, because everyone needs a full-length reflection choosing outfits in the morning. Plus! Full-length mirrors are an excellent way to create the illusion of more space in even the tiniest of apartments.

    A full length mirror with a white border next to a floor lamp

    Promising review: "Perfect full length mirror! Great price, quality, and simple style to make any room larger!" –Elaine

    Price: $139.99

    18. A set of arrow bookends to avoid tilted books on your shelves. Bookends are so useful because they protect the spine of your books, and immediately spruce up any corner of your home.

    iron-appearing arrow bookends holding three books on a shelf

    Promising review: "Very high-quality material, holds my books very well and sturdy. Definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a bookshelf." –Kemar

    Price: $44.99 (originally $54; available in three colors)

    19. A set of battery-operated and remote-controlled under-the-counter puck lights that'll add light and space to your kitchen set up. These also work great as a low-light during delicious midnight snacks.

    Reviewer's picture of the puck lights attached to their kitchen cabinets
    Candy / Wayfair

    This set comes with six LED puck lights and a remote control.

    Promising review: "These lights are AMAZING! l can't wait to see how much I'll be saving in electricity. I use these all around our kitchen cabinets to light up my kitchen in the evenings and also put some inside my over the toilet cabinet in the bathroom for some guidance at night." –Candy

    Price: $34.99 (originally $49.99)

    20. A toy organizer to help teach your little one that cleanup time can be a part of the fun. With multiple compartments, this organizer will keep the toy area looking much more streamlined than, let's say, a single bin would.

    A white and dark brown toy organizer holding various toys

    Promising review: "At first I was concerned if this was enough storage for my son’s toys but it turns out it was plenty. He even had extra bins to empty, ready to be filled in with his new birthday toys." –Samantha

    Price: $94.99 (originally $99)

    21. A set of room-darkening venetian blinds that'll block sunlight during your midday naps, while looking extra chic in your space. With over 300 sizes to choose from, you'll be able to adorn any window in your home.

    white venetian blinds hung in front of a window in a bedroom

    Promising review: "The blinds are great, good quality, easy to install. I ordered blinds for the rest of my windows. Make sure you measure your windows correctly you won't have any issues." –Nesiha

    Price: $44.99 (originally $82.99; available in 326 sizes)

    22. A Cobb shower caddy, because your shampoo does not need to live on the edge of your tub. This caddy has adjustable shelves to fit your favorite washes and a removable mirror for those of you who like to shave in the shower.

    A stainless steel shower caddy hung on a shower tap in a bathroom. the caddy holds soap, bottles, a loofah, and two toothbrushes

    Promising review: "As a natural hair enthusiast, I was very pleased with this caddy. Very sturdy. Love that you can adjust the size to each shelf. Just in love. I’m buying another one for the guest bathroom." –Chaniqua

    Price: $61.99

    23. An essential oil diffuser that'll help your mind ease into a state of zen as you zip through your workday. This device plugs into the wall and uses modern ultrasonic technology for a relaxing aromatherapy session so quiet, you won't even notice it's there.

    an essential oil diffuser with a white top and brown wooden base on a nightstand

    Promising review: "I love this. It works great and shuts off when it's out of water. The colors are very subtle. I let it run while I sleep and it doesn't bother me at all, I have had others and didn't like them because I couldn't tell if they were working; this one, you can definitely tell; it works." –Loni

    Price: $43.92 (available in three colors)

    24. A steel multi-compartment trash and recycling bin to help sort your waste products before trash day. This bin has a motion sensor, meaning you won't have to touch bacteria each time you throw something away.

    Jessica / Wayfair

    Promising review: "This trash can is exactly what we need! We used to have a trash can there and a recycling bin that took up space inside the pantry, now I reclaimed my pantry. This is a wide one, so make sure you measure the space you have, it worked great for ours. I like that it’s not too sensitive and opens every time someone walks by, like the fancy one a friend bought. And I really like the button with the option to stay open, in case I’m peeling veggies or something that takes longer." –Lily

    Price: $74.99 (originally $85.95)

    25. A large bean bag chair for those moments you just feel like sinking into your seat after a long WFH day.

    a navy bean bag chair with two pillows and headphones sitting on top

    Promising review: "Love it! Will be ordering another! Fits me, my husband, and our 8-year-old all at one time and is very comfy!" –Katie

    Price: $197.99 (available in six colors)

    26. A floor lamp, because who likes harsh ceiling lights at night? This lamp is the perfect way to add some contemporary flair to your space while brightening up some of the darker corners in your home.

    a white bulb floor lamb with a golden stem and base in a living room

    Promising review: "Love this lamp! I was concerned it would look less elegant than on the site, but I'm very happy with the quality. It is very sturdy and straight with a nice golden shiny finish. Looks very cute and completes my mid-century room!" –Violetta Shinkar

    Price: $70.99 (originally $159.99; available in blackened bronze)

    27. A writing desk with shelves to both store your precious stationery and office supplies, and provide you with a designated space for work and creativity.

    A wooden desk with metal legs and four shelves for storage

    Promising review: "Extremely happy with this desk so far! I was wanting an 'L' shaped desk but couldn’t find one that I liked, so I went with this desk. There is definitely ample desktop space and I love that there aren’t any drawers that can turn I to 'junk drawers.'" –Kirby

    Price: $339.99 (originally $529)

    28. A Casper original pillow that will make you think you are sleeping on a marshmallow. This pillow is extremely soft, while also providing ample support to the neck region.

    a child laying on a casper pillow

    Promising review: "I honestly have never slept better in my life. My old pillows were either toooo puffy or too flat, and I would wake up with migraines almost every day. Since these, that has not been happening. They are so comfortable and really mesh well." –Chelsea Leigh

    Price: $65

    29. A narrow sliding storage rack so that you can finally say goodbye to the clunky look of detergent clutter. But, why stop there? This holds items like jugs of olive oil in your kitchen perfectly.

    a narrow while sliding storage rack in between a washer and dryer, holding detergent

    Promising review: "Perfect on the side of my dishwasher. Put all my waters and drinks that usually sit on the floor. Bought one for my neighbor. She loves it! She and her daughter use it for all their hair products in the bathroom! Perfect." –Matthew

    Price: $26.99 (originally $60)

    30. A floating wall shelf to provide a stylish home to the figurines you love. These shelves will also work great to store candles and cotton swabs on your bathroom wall.

    Reviewer's picture of the two wooden floating shelves in their bathroom
    Samantha / Wayfair

    Promising review: "The walnut finish matched my butcher block counters perfectly! I love this look in my kitchen! Installation was pretty simple. I used painters tape to mark the placement. Love these shelves!" –Stephanie

    Price: $50.49 (available in four colors and four sizes)

    31. A set of everyday cotton dinner napkins as a more sustainable option than disposable paper towels. Here's to saving Mother Earth while enjoying heaping bowls of pasta carbonara.

    A white napkin in a napkin ring on a place setting

    This set contains 12 napkins.

    Promising review: "Great napkins. Love them!! The color is beautiful. They’re a thicker material too which makes for a great quality napkin." –Nicole

    Price: $21.99 (available in three colors)

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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