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    15 Things From Amazon That’ll Actually Help Your Pet With Smelly Breath

    Because cuddle time with your fur baby should *not* include foul odors.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. A water additive to help you care for your pet's teeth. Dental care has never been simpler: Just add a capful of this to your cat's or dog's water, and they will have fresh breath and healthy gums in no time.

    a white bottle that reads water additive in front if two cat bowls

    Promising review: "As a veterinary assistant I am constantly looking out for the best products to help aid clients and patients with common problems, and bad breath and poor dental health is very common amongst animal. Oxyfresh is a phenomenal product to protect your pet's teeth as well as aid in fresher breath. It is very easy to administer: You just put it in your pets water dish and since it has no odor or flavor they don't even notice it's there." –Katie

    Price: $9.95+ or Subscribe & Save for $9.45+/month (available in four sizes)

    2. A Catit flower water fountain that filters water to ensure that your cat has a crisp and clean drink every time, effectively ensuring that your cat's breath is free from contaminants, too.

    an orange cat looking at water flowing in a green and white fountain

    Promising review: "This is so stinking cute. My cats were scared of it at first, but now they love it :) I bought it with the Catit multifeeder and it looks great. It is very quiet, unless it needs to be refilled." –Jamie

    Price: $25.99

    3. A silicone finger toothbrush if your cats would rather play with their handled toothbrushes than let you clean their mouths.

    8 blue silicone toothbrush finger caps.

    This comes in a set of eight.

    Promising review: "The first time I tried to brush my cat's teeth (three cats and my grandmother's cat) it was such a pain. I was using a baby toothbrush and had to have someone hold the cat while I tried to get the toothbrush to make contact with their teeth. I decided to try these and what a world of difference they made!! I was able to brush the teeth of all four cats by myself and quickly." –Jennifer B.

    Price: $6.49 (available in sizes small and large)

    4. A probiotic for dogs by Zesty Paws, since, sometimes, a bad breath doesn't even come from the mouth — it can come from the stomach! If your dog has tummy issues, any odors can travel up their digestive tract and exit through their mouth. Consider these probiotics if brushing alone does not help to ease their bad breath.

    a dog sitting next to the jar of probiotics

    Promising review: "I never understood why my Yorkie had such horrible breath at such a young age (my Roscoe is 2). I was sure his teeth were rotten, but the vet said they were fine. Enter Zesty Paws — bad breath GONE! Poor little guy— that smell was coming from his stomach was probably due to bad digestion." —VA Shopaholic

    Price: $25.97 or Subscribe & Save for $23.37/month (available in three flavors)

    5. A Burt's Bees dander reducing spray for cats who need a bit of help with grooming. This formula contains colloidal oat to promote skin health, and aloe vera to add hydration to their coats. With less dirt to lick off their fur, your cat will have less problems maintaining their fresh breath.

    reviewer's before and after of cat with dander and then clean coat

    Promising review: "My cat is 10 years old and fluctuates with his weight. He has trouble cleaning himself and I think this is why he gets dandruff on his back. His dandruff was extremely bad and his skin was super sensitive to the point where he didn’t like to be brushed anymore. After literally one day of use it has cleared up... at least 80% better... his coat is softer and he loves to be brushed again!" –Amazon Customer

    Price: $6.49 or Subscribe & Save for $6.17/month

    6. A bag of brushless toothpaste treats for your dog who prefers to munch on snacks rather than brush their teeth. These treats are great for controlling plaque buildup that can otherwise cause tooth decay.

    a dog with very white and clean front teeth

    Promising review: "One of these treats per day for the last five days has greatly improved my dog's breath and the whiteness of his teeth. His front teeth are the cleanest they’ve ever been, and his teeth are pretty great for him being a street rescue. I absolutely love these treats and so does he. He’s usually a picky eater, but he went straight for these when I first gave him one a few days ago. Would definitely recommend it to other dog owners." —Dani G.

    Price: $6.99 or Subscribe & Save for $6.64/month

    7. A pack of Greenies treats, because the dental health of your canine companions is just as important as your dental health. As dogs age, things like plaque, gums, and breath become more and more difficult to maintain, but these'll help the process.

    an owner holding two Greenies toothbrush-shaped treats in front of their two dogs

    Promising review: "I used to give my GSD greenies rarely, just when she had dog breath from eating god knows what on her walk. As she got older, her teeth became stained, and she really hates it when I brush her teeth. So last year, I started giving her one greenie every day, and the stains have mostly disappeared from her teeth. An older dog's quality of life can be very much affected by tooth decay, so I am glad to have found that Greenies work so well to clean her teeth." –mvd

    Price: $4.98+ or Subscribe & Save for $4.98+/month (available in eight sizes)

    8. Or Greenies dental treats for felines, because a lack of opposable thumbs makes it hard for your cat to brush their teeth. These treats promote gum and tooth health as your fur babies chew on these delicious treats. Plus, they also give your cat fresh breath, which is always welcome.

    a cat's paw grabbing the box of greenies treats

    Promising review: "I got these for my adopted abandoned/feral cat, based on multiple recommendations from some folks who have been using them for their cats. My cat not only loves crunching on them as treats, they’re also helping to keep her teeth clean, and hopefully avoid expensive veterinary visits for cleanings." –Mitchell M.

    Price: $8.48+ (available in four sizes)

    9. A dental kit, because taking care of your pet's oral hygiene can help decrease the risk of disease down the line. Plus, it gives them fresh breath, which is always welcome during cuddle sessions with your fur baby.,

    Promising review: "After just two days of brushing his gum inflammation went down. My cat is not a fan of the toothbrush but he tolerates it. The bottom pic is before and the top is after (cat is 2.5 years old and had never had his teeth cleaned)." —Levi Karhoff

    Price: $5.99 or Subscribe & Save for $5.69/month

    10. A toothbrush chew toy if your puppy would rather play all day instead of sitting still for a tooth-cleaning session.

    a dog with a green chew toy in its mouth

    Promising review: "Both of my doodles were able to chew off maybe up to an 1/2 inch of the front of the mouth area but the remainder of the chew toy has stayed perfect. These definitely give my doodles some jaw exercise. The shape is easy for them to hold in their mouths and also to manipulate with their paws when working on them lying down. I have smeared both doggy toothpaste and human peanut butter in the tooth area and my dogs are happy to receive either flavor." —HappyHeart

    Price: $13.24

    11. A set of dual-ended pet-safe toothbrushes, because your dog deserves a toothbrush that suits their needs! These toothbrushes have long handles, making them perfect for getting around every last tooth in larger dogs. Plus, these bristles are ultra-soft, ensuring that you will never damage your dog's gums while trying to care for their dental hygiene.

    a set of pet toothbrushes in a bucket with text that says, "use regularly to: control plaque & tartar buildup, prevent gingivitis, freshen breath"

    Promising review: "These are perfect for my greyhound. Greyhounds' teeth need a lot of cleaning because of their soft food diet on the tracks. Used to just use one toothbrush, but they got ratty fast. I use these for about a week and then toss them. At this rate, this package will last me close to a year. Brushing is so important to make those super expensive vet dental cleanings last!" —Djj2018

    Price: $19.99+ for 50 or Subscribe & Save for $18.99+/month (also available in packs of 8 and 100)

    12. A breath spray that will protect your fur baby from tartar, plaque, and gum disease with just a few spritzes. Oh, and there's no brushing or water required — this is what winning looks like.


    Promising review: "I bought this because I saw all the great reviews. I needed to buy something to help with my two dogs' bad breath. It was just really bad. They go to the vet and have no serious issues. This spray really works. Their breath smells so much better than before." —Ini Panini

    Price: $15.19 or Subscribe & Save for $13.67/month

    13. An enzymatic dog toothpaste to polish your dog's pearly whites, freshen their breath, and prevent dental health issues that can lead to some more serious heart issues down the line. Plus your dog will love the fact that this rinse-free toothpaste is poultry-flavored.


    Promising review: "My dog's favorite toothpaste! Every night he comes upstairs to 'have his teeth brushed' and won't go to bed until this demand is met. He only likes this brand. Funny boy!" —FeFe

    Price: $8.77 Subscribe & Save for $8.33/month

    14. A catnip chew stick that will both promote a sense of calm in your kitty and help to rid their teeth of plaque buildup.

    a cat staring at a catnip chew stick

    Promising review: "The second these were out of the package, every single one of my cats was going crazy for these and stealing them from each other. Added bonus that they’re natural and good for dental health. Will buy again." —Deedledee87

    Price: $12.99

    15. And a fresh breath water additive that actually helps to promote your fur baby's hips and joints. Simply add this into your pet's water, and watch them run around with a breath that is as good as new.

    a cute dog in its dog bed

    Promising review: "Our sweet, smelly-breathed pooch has been a bit of a social pariah for the past several years owing to her extremely bad, age-induced halitosis. We tried extensive home brushing and, while that cleared up most of her tooth tartar, the foul odor remained. Enter THIS PRODUCT. Within two days, we noticed diminished rotting-carcass breath. By a week's end, it was completely gone." —Nicholas & Cheyenne

    Price: $16.99 or Subscribe & Save for $16.14/month

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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