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    31 Eye-Catching Home Pieces From Target That’ll Add A Pop Of Color To Your Home

    Taste the home decor rainbow, friend.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A three-drawer dresser that can act as a dresser, a nightstand, or even a filing cabinet in your home office. Storage has never looked better.

    The dresser with geometrically textured white drawers next to a bed

    2. A green velvet sofa, because, honestly, is there anything more eye-catching than a large piece of green velvet furniture?

    a green velvet sofa in a living room

    3. A glass soap dispenser that is basically what you, a glamorous human being, would look like if you were a soap dispenser.

    A teal glass soap dispenser

    4. A gold bar cart, because displaying your finest glassware and spirits this way simply screams high-end. But it doesn't stop there; this bar cart also acts as a great display for extra towels and candles in your bathroom.

    a gold push cart bar cart with two tiers and wheels. The bar cart is holding bottles, drinkware, and decor

    5. A striped throw pillow to bring some sunny vibes into your living room and help you lounge after a long and taxing day.

    A yellow and white striped throw pillow with tassles

    6. A blue velvet swivel armchair, because how is a chic interior complete without a little bit of velvet? This chair will work great in your reading nook, or at your desk since it swivels.

    a blue swivel chair with high back and solid arm rests

    7. A striped, tasseled cotton placemat to match all the bright hues in the beautiful meal you just made.

    a place setting sitting on top of a blue and white striped placemat with tassles

    8. A fringed jacquard bath towel, so you can wrap yourself in color after every single shower.

    the fringed towels in yellow and white

    9. An arched upholstered headboard that not only has a vibrant color, but a cool design, too! If you are in need of a quick spruce up for your bedroom, consider purchasing a headboard–they're easy to install and immediately become the focal point of your room (without being too much of an investment).

    a green animal print arched headboard

    10. A metal locker accent cabinet, because everyone can use some extra storage — so why not have that storage bring some fun, retro vibes to your space?

    a red metal locker accent cabinet

    11. A wooden armchair that is as cozy and inviting as a flannel shirt. Consider this chair if you are looking to liven up that empty corner in your rustic living room.

    a green black and white plaid upholstered armchair with light wood arms and legs, sitting in a corner

    12. A decorative cabinet with glass-paned doors and adjustable storage shelves, because whether you are looking to house extra linens, display fine china, or show off your maximalist beauty collection, investing in storage is never a bad idea.

    a teal storage cabinet with two glass doors and a shelf, holding decor

    13. A four-piece set of tie-dye bamboo kitchen utensils that I've had for about two months now, and they're still as bright as ever! I love how vibrant these kitchen utensils are, and more importantly, how they never bleed their dye or soak up any color from the sauces I cook.

    a photo of Isabella holding the utensils

    14. A pair of metal stools, because a home studio simply isn't complete without brightly colored industrial stools.

    a yellow metal stool in a workshop

    15. A hammered metal accent table that can act as an end table, a night stand, or even a decor base. The opportunities with this modern table are endless, and luckily, it's available in colors that'll suit every room in your home.

    The round silver table next to a couch

    16. A floral armchair, for when you're looking to up the design ante on your reading nook. This chair will make you feel as if you are in the plot of whichever Edwardian novel you're currently reading.

    a pink and white floral armchair

    17. A mustard velvet duvet and sham set that brings some ~foxy~ '70s vibes to your bedroom, while still remaining cool enough for 2021. This duvet and sham set is reversible, meaning that you can switch between the mustard velvet design and the bright peacock design on the reverse side whenever your heart desires a change.

    18. A rattan sunburst mirror with turquoise accent stitching, just in case your beachy decor is missing a pop of color.

    19. A two-drawer console table that can work as a writing desk in your study, or a vanity in your bedroom.

    a mint green table with two drawers

    20. A set of spindle back wooden chairs, because eating food should be fun, and the space you eat your food in should be vibrant! And if you're not looking to spruce up your dining room, these lovely chairs also pair well with your vintage desk.

    a set of two wooden teal dining chairs

    21. A floral braided rug that will instantly liven up any doorway, bathroom, or kitchen floor.

    a floral braided rug with navy tassles

    22. A curved ottoman, because there is *no* reason why you shouldn't kick your feet up in style at the end of the day. Not in the mood for kicking back? That's fine, too — this ottoman also works well as extra seating.

    a yellow curved ottoman

    23. A lemon print comfort mat, because yes, comfortable things should feel good, but they should look good, too! Consider this comfort mat if your hard kitchen floors wreak havoc on your knees, and if your current black comfort mat wreaks havoc on your interior design taste.

    a lemon print bath mat under a sink

    24. A heathered knit throw blanket that will wrap you in cozy warmth during cool nights, yet also adds a fun touch to your space with its bright hues and tassels.

    a terracotta throw blanket with tassles

    25. A graphic shower curtain, because summer means bright colors and greenery all around, and that shouldn't stop once you're in the bathroom. Consider adding this curtain to your WC to liven things up a little.

    a shower curtain with graphic flowers on it

    26. An abstract kitchen towel set, because kitchen spills rarely ever spark joy. So you may as well clean up kitchen messes with something that *will* spark joy.

    a kitchen towel set with oranges and abstract designs on them

    27. A plastic textured tumbler that you can use for stylish sipping during outdoor barbeques or dinners with the entire family (kids included). These tumblers come in five colors, so consider getting one of each to add an extra flair as you're dressing your dining room table.

    a blue textured tumbler on a table

    28. A textured pouf to add a beachy flair to your living space, while also providing a soft place for you to rest your feet.

    a textured red and white pouf in front of a couch

    29. A tufted chaise sofa that *definitely* would have made Marie Antoinette ask, "where'd you get that?"

    a mustard tuft chaise sofa

    30. A porcelain dinnerware set, because it pretty much belongs on the set of a Wes Anderson film. And you can't really get any brighter than a Wes Anderson film.

    a yellow dish set with grey birds and flowers

    31. And a sparkling yuzu scented candle, since there's virtually nothing more summer than citrus fruits. This candle is relatively large and has two wicks, meaning that it'll fill your space with bright scents in no time.

    a yellow candle that reads sparkling yuzu

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