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    Just A List Of Throwback TV Shows To Binge For Every Letter Of The Alphabet

    Get your marathon on!

    A - Arrested Development

    B - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    C - Charmed

    D - Dexter

    E - Entourage

    F - Friends

    G - Glee

    H - How I Met Your Mother

    I - I Love Lucy

    J - Jericho

    K - Kenan & Kel

    L - Lost

    M - Mad Men

    N - Nip/Tuck

    O - One Tree Hill

    P - Parks and Recreation

    Q - Queer Eye

    R - Raising Hope

    S - Smallville

    T - That '70s Show

    U - Ugly Betty

    V - Veronica Mars

    W - Will & Grace

    X - Xena: Warrior Princess

    Y - Yes, Dear

    Z - Zoey 101

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