16 Autumn Festivals Around The World You Should Add To Your Bucket List

    There's always a reason to celebrate autumn!

    1. Yi Peng (Thailand)

    2. Oktoberfest (Germany)

    3. Day of the Dead (Mexico)

    4. Matchmaking Festival (Ireland)

    5. Masskara Festival (Philippines)

    6. Mid-Autumn Festival (multiple countries)

    7. Guy Fawkes Night (United Kingdom)

    8. Ganesh Chaturthi (India)

    9. Chuseok (North and South Korea)

    10. Boun Ok Phansa (Laos)

    11. Loi Krathong (Thailand)

    12. Cure Salee (Niger)

    13. Diwali (multiple countries)

    14. International Balloon Fiesta (USA)

    15. Nuit Blanche (multiple countries)

    16. And Jidai Matsuri (Japan)