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    27 Pieces Of Jewellery That Look More Expensive Than They Actually Are

    Shine bright like a (artificial) diamond.

    1. The simplicity of this knot bracelet makes it so charming.

    2. These opal studs have an otherworldly quality.

    3. This dramatic tentacle ring adds a bit of fun to any outfit.

    4. If you want to make your outfit edgier, try these minimalist earrings. You can get them in either gold or silver!

    5. The pendant of this charming handmade necklace contains real daisies.

    6. This blue opal ring is honestly stunning.

    7. For a vintage aesthetic, try some retro rhinestones. Each order includes four different pairs of boho-style earrings.

    8. You can have this chic pendant engraved, or you can leave it as-is for an understated, yet elegant look.

    9. These feathery studs would make a perfect birthday gift.

    10. This sweet ring is purr-fect for feline enthusiasts (I'm sorry).

    11. These rose gold studs were inspired by the structure of roses.

    12. This golden pendant is engraved with the Eye of Horus.

    13. You can't go wrong with a pair of oversized, silver hoops.

    14. This feather ring feels like it's from the '90s, and I am so here for it.

    15. As the weather gets colder, these lily inspired earrings will be a nice reminder of spring

    16. This fun ring reminds us that a little costume jewellery never hurt anybody.

    17. Be pretty in pink with these charming studs.

    18. This cocktail ring is anything but subtle and I love it.

    19. These dramatic earrings have a hint of Morticia Addams.

    20. This stainless steel ring will inspire you to persevere.

    21. If you can't get enough of rose gold, these floral earrings are for you.

    22. A rose ring by any other name would still look hella cute.

    23. Jacket earrings incorporate the back of the earring into their design, creating an edgy and elegant effect. Each order comes with ten pairs of jacket earrings, so you can mix and match your studs and backs!

    24. The Roman numerals engraved on this chic bangle give it a classic vibe.

    25. If you prefer your jewellery to be more personal, try this necklace which you can get engraved with any significant name, date, or coordinates.

    26. This origami fox necklace would make a fantastic gift for your clever friend.

    27. Finally, try these sleek studs if you're an aspiring cat mum.