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    21 Products That Might Just Take The Edge Off Adulthood

    Why not make things easier?

    1. This adult colouring book of colourful language, because who said self-care can't be sassy?

    2. This insanely popular vibrator makes having a night in much more exciting.

    3. These wooden coat hooks, because you're officially too old to pile all your coats onto that one chair.

    4. This sleepy plant pot is relatable AF and also super fun.

    5. This magnetic meal planning pad has a shopping list section that tears off and I'm obsessed.

    6. And food shopping won't feel like such a chore when you bring this reusable bag that folds up into a little avocado.

    7. This versatile back massager has eight powerful nodes that knead away your tension and aches.

    8. This Harry Potter-themed cocktail book, because one of the more fun parts of adulthood is being able to Accio alcohol.

    9. This stretchy card holder can carry all of your cards and it's way less bulky than a wallet.

    10. Combine fun and functional with this LEGO-inspired mug that you can actually attatch LEGOs to.

    11. These dishwasher-friendly fridge liners make cleaning your fridge (something you actually have to do now) pretty easy!

    12. These elastic suspenders keep your bedsheets in place, so you can make your bed without worrying about the corners of your fitted sheet popping off.

    13. Being an adult means a whole lot of sitting, so this posture-correcting memory foam cushion is an absolute must.

    14. If hydration is a chore to you, you'll love this reusable water bottle that motivates you to drink more water. The bottle has time markings that help you track your water intake and encourage you to reach your hydration goals!

    15. Or, if you find most reusable water bottles too bulky, this sleek flask might be a better option for you.

    16. Being an adult means owning boring things, like coasters. But who says those coasters can't be hilarious cat coasters?

    17. These silicone cups let you make the perfect poached egg (the most adult type of egg).

    18. This roll-on aromatherapy stick has calming essential oils that can help you feel relaxed. Just apply it to the insides of your wrists or on your temples and breathe in!

    19. This hilarious pin will remind you of the pros of adulthood, i.e., doing whatever the flip you want.

    20. It's not a stretch to say that this giraffe toilet paper holder would actually make you excited to buy toilet paper.

    21. Getting older means that your under-eye skin can sometimes get a bit thinner and puffier, but it also means you get to rock these awesome golden eye masks that look like a fashion statement!