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    31 Bizarre Yet Brilliant Gifts Only Your BFF Will Appreciate

    Including a Snoop Dogg cookbook, Harry Styles stickers, and a gruesome colouring book.

    1. It is a truth universally acknowledged that these Jane Austen tarot cards are a one-of-a-kind gift.

    2. Who wouldn't love to receive these llama string lights as a gift?

    3. This Baby Yoda sticker pack is just so cute.

    4. They'll be pretty grateful that you got them a vibrator as discreet as this one that's disguised as a lipstick.

    5. They'll appreciate the sheer wisdom of this heart-shaped pin.

    6. I scream, you scream, we all scream for these fun socks that are designed to look like mint chocolate chip ice cream!

    7. These "Unicorn Poo" bath bombs transform regular baths into a moisturising, multicolour, and luxurious experience.

    8. This Cthulhu hat will make them say "it's so weird, I love it!"

    9. This cheeky bookmark will delight fans of Fleabag.

    10. This adult colouring book puts the gore in gorgeous. Fans of horror will be delighted as they colour in ghouls, zombies, and killer clowns!

    11. Or, if your friend prefers humour to horror, you could get them this adult colouring book that has rather colourful language.

    12. They can make biscuits that look like dinosaur fossils with these fun cookie cutters.

    13. This pillow looks (and I cannot stress this enough) like a baguette.

    14. This leopard print scrunchie has a hidden compartment that's perfect for stashing money or keys.

    15. This Where's Bowie? book is essentially Where's Wally?, except infinitely cooler.

    16. These temporary tattoo pens are perfect for people who love the tattoo aesthetic but can't commit to a single design (or just hate needles).

    17. These meat cleaver earrings are somehow both cute and terrifying.

    18. No kitchen is complete without a copy of From Crook To Cook, AKA Snoop Dogg's official cookbook.

    19. These unusual goldfish earrings are whimsical in the best possible way.

    20. This shimmery bottle of "Unicorn Tears" is actually just a green, glittery bubble bath.

    21. If you miss grabbing a drink with your BFF, then treat them to this G&T-flavoured lip balm.

    22. Gin lovers will also adore this aesthetically pleasing jigsaw puzzle.

    23. This can of beans is actually the perfect place to stash some cash.

    24. Make no bones about it, this dinosaur mug is actually hella chic.

    25. If your BFF loves to craft, then they'll also love this creative guide about how to make folded book art.

    26. And since the Venn diagram of people who love crafting and people who love Halloween is just a circle, they'll definitely be into this Nightmare Before Christmas cross-stitch kit.

    27. These Ouija board earrings are a lovely gift for someone whose style can be best described as "spooky yet chic".

    28. It's kind of amazing that we live in a world where you can buy a yodelling pickle that has over 1,500 reviews on Amazon.

    29. To paraphrase Miss Taylor Swift, this sticker pack will never go out of style.

    30. This Kermit pin is the ultimate accessory, and that's the tea.

    31. This hilarious book features images of taxidermy gone wrong. It'll have them in stitches every time!