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    13 Locations That Appear In Totally Different Movies And TV Shows

    Teen Wolf, Gone Girl, and a Beyoncé music video were filmed at the same abandoned mall?!?

    1. Pasadena City Hall

    City hall at night (Pasadena, California

    You probably recognise Pasadena City Hall as Pawnee City Hall, AKA where Leslie Knope works for most of Parks and Recreation.

    Pasadena City Hall also appears in A Cinderella Story as the place where Sam's father and stepmother get married.

    Charlie Chaplin used Pasadena City Hall as the backdrop for a scene in The Great Dictator.

    2. El Segundo High School

    You can spot El Segundo High as Max's school in The Babysitter and The Babysitter: Killer Queen.

    Pasadena High makes a brief appearance in Superbad as Seth and Evan's high school.

    In Joan of Arcadia, Arcadia High is actually Pasadena High.

    3. Kenwood House

    You can see the house in the 1999 adaptation of Mansfield Park.

    Julia Robert's character shoots a period movie at Kenwood House in the rom-com classic Notting Hill.

    In Mr. Malcolm's List, an amazing short film starring Gemma Chan, Kenwood House appears as an unnamed estate.

    4. Casa Loma

    In Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Scott and Ramona head over to Casa Loma to fight Lucas Lee, one of the evil exes.

    5. You can also spot Casa Loma in the Disney masterpieces Twitches AND Twitches Too.

    In Shadowhunters, Casa Loma was used as the location for the Adamant Citadel (AKA the place where the Iron Sisters forge Shadowhunter weapons).

    6. Robson Square

    The Flash uses Robson Square as the location for Central City Square.

    In the X-Files revival, Scully meets an old colleague at Washington Square, but it's really Robson's Square.

    In Fringe, a scene set at Boston Plaza was actually filmed at Robson Square.

    7. Hawthorne Plaza Shopping Center

    The abandoned mall appears in a creepy Gone Girl scene.

    Westworld uses the mall as the "Cold Storage" site where decommissioned hosts are stored.

    Teen Wolf used the abandoned mall in their season three episode "Frayed".

    Beyoncé's "Superpower" music video was also filmed at the Hawthorne Plaza Shopping Center.

    8. LA Union Station

    In Bladerunner, the police station is actually the Union Station.

    In The Dark Knight Rises, you can spot the distinctive train station in the scene where Scarecrow holds a kangeroo court.

    In Catch Me If You Can, Union Station was transformed into a Miami bank.

    9. Delmar T. Oviatt Library

    The Starfleet Academy in Star Trek is actually the Delmar T. Oviatt Library.

    In Sky High, the library was used as the exterior of the superhero high school.

    We Are Your Friends heavily featured the CSUN campus, so it's no surprise that the Oviatt Library made an appearance.

    You can also see the library in Justin Bieber's "Intentions" music video.

    10. Angels Flight Railway

    The railway can be spotted in La La Land's summer montage.

    In The Muppets, Gary rides the Angel's Flight Railway as he sings "Man or Muppet."

    Angels Flight Railway also appears in The Turning Point, a 1952 film noir movie.

    11. The Crank House

    Miss Trunchbull's house (which is later returned to Miss Honey) in Matilda is actually Crank House.

    Crank House becomes a sorority house in Scream 2.

    And in Catch Me If You Can, you can spot Crank House as the residence of Brenda's parents.

    12. Quality Cafe

    In 500 Days of Summer, Summer dumps Tom at the Quality Cafe.

    In Se7en, the Quality Cafe is where Tracy confides in Somerset.

    In Ghost World, Enid and Rebecca hang out at the Quality Café.

    13. Venice High School

    In Grease, Venice High became Rydell High, home of the Pink Ladies and T-Birds.

    In American History X, Venice Beach High is portrayed by Venice High.

    Bowling for Soup filmed their "High School Never Ends" music video at Venice High.

    And while it's a little bit hard to see, Britney Spear's "...Baby One More Time" iconic music video was also filmed at Venice High.

    Did we miss any popular filming locations? Let us know in the comments below.