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    20 Cute Little Things Under £7 That Might Just Cheer You Up

    Cute + cheap = perfection.

    1. This little fidget cube will keep your hands busy and your mind focused.

    2. Celebrate the real MVP of the Harry Potter universe with this pin of Luna Lovegood's glasses.

    3. Treat yourself to a savoury snack and get this cheese on toast-flavoured gourmet popcorn.

    4. This clip-on hand sanitiser will keep your hands clean and satisfy your inner Jedi.

    5. This bewitching bath bomb becomes an overflowing cauldron when you place it in water.

    6. This gin and tonic fragranced bar of soap smells so good that you'll look forward to washing your hands.

    7. You won't feel like a poor, unfortunate soul after treating yourself to this Ursula-inspired seaweed hair mask.

    8. The science is in, folks – lip balm that comes in a unicorn-shaped container is superior to lip balms that do not.

    9. These fried chicken erasers are so fun you'll probably start making mistakes on purpose just so you can use them more.

    10. Swap your single-use makeup wipes for this reusable makeup removal cloth.

    11. Challenge your flatmates to this Friends trivia game to determine who are the Rachels and who are the Gunthers.

    12. Add some sweetness and luxury to your life with this rose petal jam.

    13. These little cable protectors are the perfect combination of cute and practical.

    14. Keep your feet cute and cosy with these fuzzy Miffy socks.

    15. These black marshmallows will release your inner goth.

    16. This whimsical salt and pepper shaker set will add a bit of magic to your kitchen table.

    17. This gin-infused marmalade is the perfect treat for someone who misses going out to pubs.

    18. This Princess Jasmine face mask will give your skin the pampering it deserves.

    19. Embrace your inner nerd with this quirky picture frame that makes. your photos look like comic book panels.

    20. The sheer nostalgia of this BFG pin makes it a worthwhile purchase.