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    44 Cheap Upgrades For Every Room In Your House

    Everything's under £15!


    1. A copper towel holder that you can pop over any cupboard door to maximise space in your kitchen.

    2. Some cute cacti magnets to hold up your photos and postcards.

    3. An under-the-shelf paper roll dispenser that frees up your precious counter space.

    4. A rustic blackboard with three tea towel hooks that puts the fun in functional!

    5. A pair of oven liners that you can just peel off, wash in the sink, and then place back in the oven whenever they get dirty.

    6. A retro-style tin sign with cocktail recipes, so you can turn your kitchen into a bar whenever you want.

    7. A genius cutlery organiser from Joseph Joseph that lets you store a full set of cutlery in half the space of a regular one.

    8. A magnetic, dry-erase meal planner and shopping list that you can stick right onto your fridge. It's a pretty simple organisation tool, but it'll help you avoid food waste!

    9. A magnetic knife and utensil holder that's aesthetically pleasing and space saving!

    10. An under-shelf basket for your pantry that you can use to store extra plates, tea towels, spices, and more.

    11. A herb garden kit that has everything you need to grow your own basil, parsley, thyme, chives, coriander and rocket.

    12. An under-shelf mug holder that can hold up to ten cups.


    13. A Totoro toothbrush holder that will guard your dental hygiene like he guards the forest.

    14. Some waterproof self-adhesive hooks that you can use to hang your towels or toiletries!

    15. A silicone wine holder, because the only way to make a bubble math more relaxing is with a glass of vino.

    16. Some fake succulents that will act as low-maintenance decor.

    17. A squeegee with over 3,000 reviews that you can use to wipe away condensation from your mirror, window, and shower.

    18. A microfibre bath mat that quickly absorbs water and feels luxuriously soft on your feet.

    19. A TubShroom that catches hair without stopping water from draining.

    20. A shower steamer that releases a soothing juniper berry fragrance. It's basically a bath bomb without the need for a bathtub!

    21. A bamboo incense holder to turn your bathroom into a zen spa that smells absolutely amazing.

    22. A soap saver that helps your soap bars dry faster and last longer. Its design encourages air to circulate underneath the bar of soap, so it doesn't get all slimy and gross!


    23. A minimalist sun tapestry that will instantly give your whole room a modern bohemian vibe.

    24. Some butterfly wall stickers that look like they're flying away.

    25. A dimmable touch lamp that's perfect for late-night reading. As a bonus, it has a USB port that you can use to charge your phone!

    26. Some charming fairy lights that will instantly make your room feel cosy.

    27. Or you could try some multicoloured string lights that have photo clips, so you can display your favourite memories in style.

    28. Some hanger organisers that will save up to 80% of your wardrobe space.

    29. An under-the-desk headphone holder that will maximise your precious desk space. The holder comes with adhesive tape, so you don't need any tools to install it!

    30. A neon sign to light up your room and create a warm and dreamy atmosphere.

    31. An elegant lunar garland to quickly make your blank wall go from "meh" to "magnificent."

    32. A crescent moon shelf to give your room a celestial vibe and some storage space.

    33. An adhesive cable organiser that sticks onto your desk or wall and prevents your chargers from getting tangled up with each other.

    ✨Living Room✨

    34. Some textured cushion covers that will make any sofa look more expensive.

    35. Some charming blue swallows to decorate your living room walls.

    36. A super soft microfibre throw blanket to keep you cosy when you watch the latest instalment of To All The Boys I've Loved Before this weekend.

    37. An adventure jar for all the loose change you find in your sofa cushions.

    38. A hanging planter with enviable lashes so your plants can literally hang out.

    39. A piece of faux sheepskin that you can chuck over any chair to make it look more expensive.

    40. Some colour-changing LED strips to backlight your TV and reduce eyestrain.

    41. A white storage basket that you can use for blankets, magazines, or toys.

    42. Some adorable furniture socks that look like cat paws to prevent your floors from nicks and scratches.

    43. A macramé wall hanging that will make your space feel like the perfect combination of bohemian and rustic.

    44. Finally, a cat self-grooming toy you can stick onto any corner or wall. It will give your kitty a place to shed their fur that's NOT your sofa, carpet, or clothes.