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    The Least Dateable Superheroes

    Yeah, superheroes are good looking and powerful, but not all of them have what it takes for a relationship. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

    1. Aquaman

    Aquaman would be a terrible boyfriend for the same reason everyone forgets about him already: He and living underwater come as a package deal. Oh, you wanted to go to a movie downtown Friday night? Sorry! Oh, you wanted to breathe? Sorry!

    Although let's give the man credit for commandeering a killer whale in the name of justice.

    2. Black Canary

    Black Canary's main power is her sonic scream, which can literally decapitate people. I don't even have to say anything about this picture for you to know how annoying it would be to have her nag you.

    And don't think I forgot about you, Siryn. You are equally loud and annoying.

    3. Thor

    Would this be considered a long distance relationship? Can they Skype on Asgard? Because I barely want to walk down the street to Starbucks much less take the Rainbow Bridge every two minutes.

    Although this is definitely challenging my laziness right now.

    4. Batman

    I know I know. It's Batman. It pains me to say it, but he has to be on the list. Look at all the brooding this man does. Here is some BA moon brooding.

    Look at this flowy-cape brooding.

    And here is some emotional lightning brooding.

    Ain't nobody got time fo dat.

    5. Wolverine

    Forget growing old together. Wolverine once survived a nuclear blast, which means you two won't be bonding over the terrible apple sauce at the nursing home in a few decades.

    Also let's talk about his anger issues. ^ That guy is supposed to buy you a Valentine's Day present.

    6. Rogue

    Physical intimacy would be a no no with Rogue, due to her ability to absorb one's memories, strength, and skills through skin to skin contact.

    Remember that time she kissed Gambit, absorbed his memories of his criminal past, left him, and got the X-Men to expel him to the Arctic wilderness? GAMBIT DOES.

    7. Spawn

    Spawn is a former CIA agent who sold his soul to a demon. Essentially he likes to keep secrets and make bad decisions.

    Also he is menacing as hell.

    8. Squirrel Girl

    You could say that dating a superhero would have it's perks - maybe flying around with Superman, or cutting short your commute with Nightcrawler. Squirrel Girl's actual power is to control squirrels, so you will get absolutely ZERO from her, other than a weird picnic and probably rabies.

    9. The Hulk


    You will lose.

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