Half The Cast Of “Orange Is The New Black” Was On “SVU”

Pretty much everyone in the cast of Orange Is The New Black was on Law and Order SVU at some point - and this doesn’t even include the Law and Order and Criminal Intent roles.

1. Deborah Rush

Rush plays Carol Chapman and played Christina Harlin in “Russian Love Poem,” in SVU Season 1 Episode 12

2. Michelle Hurst

Miss Claudette!
She was on SVU 3 TIMES: Vita Wheldon in “Desperate,” Season 4 Episode 18; an ACS worker in “Legacy,” Season 2 Episode 4; and Gloria Milton in “The Third Guy,” Season 1 Episode 16

3. Michael Chernus

Cal Chapman in OITNB and Jay Delaney in “Educated Guess,” Season 13 Episode 8

4. Abigail Savage

Gina Murphy in OITNB and Cat in “Sugar” Season 11, Episode 2 AND Dot in “Control” Season 5, Episode 9

5. Annie Golden

Norma, our favorite silent star, and Varla in “Taboo” Season 7, Episode 14

6. Alysia Reiner

Reiner plays Natalie Figueroa and played Cindy Kerber in “Juvenile” Season 4, Episode 9.

7. Laverne Cox

She plays Candace in “Closet” Season 9, Episode 16.

8. Nick Sandow

Joe Caputo in OITNB and Doug Kersten in “Class” Season 7, Episode 17.

9. Kate Mulgrew

Red obviously had to be in SVU. Donna Geysen in “Web” Season 7, Episode 21.

10. Lea DeLaria

Big Boo and Frankie in “Transitions” Season 10, Episode 14.

11. Natasha Lyonne

Lyonne plays Nicky and Gia in “Educated Guess” (yes - the same episode as Michael Chernus) Season 13, Episode 8.

12. Elizabeth Rodriguez

Aleida Diaz and Carmen Vasquez in “Home Invasions” Season 13, Episode 14

13. Taryn Manning

Pennsatucky - way crazier than Larissa Welch in “Possessed” Season 12, Episode 12.

14. Emma Myles

Leanne in OITNB and Starla in “Perverted” Season 11, Episode 9 and Lizzie in “Haunted” Season 6, Episode 10.

15. Selenis Leyva

Gloria and Lorinda Gutierrez in “Hysteria” Season 1, Episode 4.

16. Joel Garland

Officer O’Neill also was Brannon Lee Redding in “Raw” Season 7, Episode 6.

17. AAAANND no SVU fan could forget Pablo Schreiber

That’s right. Pornstache Mendez was also Dan Kozlowski in “Haystack” Season 8, Episode 15 and William Lewis in “Her Negotiation” in Season 14, Episode 24.

…In other words, the writing staff of SVU thought it was okay to end the season with Benson at the hands of Pornstache Mendez. Not cool man. Not cool.

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