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    Save Space With These DIY Roll-And-Stow Drawers

    Tiny spaces are so chic right now.

    We know. You've been fawning over that big beautiful armoire at West Elm that has six deep drawers and long legs — but there's no chance in hell you're fitting that into your apartment.

    Gather your materials:

    Drawer chest




    Screws (16)

    Small furniture casters (4), $5.94

    X-ACTO Knife, $3.64

    1. Gently pull a drawer off its tracks by sliding it out and up.

    If that isn't working there is a screw that is holding the drawer in place. Unscrew both and then do it again.

    2. Take off the knob with your screwdriver.

    3. Using your X-ACTO knife ($3.64) to initiate a peel, pull any liner off of the sides of the drawers.

    4. Tape down a sheet of paper to protect the inside of the drawers from your paint.

    5. Decorate!

    Paint, stencil, find cool knobs, go nuts.

    6. Flip over your drawer and mark where you are going to drill in your furniture casters ($5.92).

    7. Pre-drill holes and then drill your casters into place.

    8. Then roll them out, and tuck them away.

    Watch the full video here.

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