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    How To Transform A Wood Pallet Into A Crazy Functional Shelf

    Brought to you by your local grocer.


    Pallet board


    Sandpaper block




    Wood stain or paint (optional)

    1. Sand your pallet board until it is completely smooth. Use sandpaper if your sander misses spots.

    2. Stain or paint the wood, and let it dry for 24 hours.

    3. Flip the pallet upside down and saw away the two outer thirds. This will leave you with two shelves.

    4. Detach the two planks in the middle using the claw on your hammer.

    5. Nail the detached plank into the side of the pallet board using two nails. Do this to both shelves.

    6. Stock your shelf full of wine.

    7. And turn the other one into a tidy shelf rack by attaching hooks.

    Watch the full video here.

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