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    21 Reasons You Deserve A Beer Right Now

    Go ahead, pour yourself a cold one.

    1. Because you're the type of person who likes to take care of business.

    2. And has no problem multitasking.

    3. Because this week really got your goat.


    I ain't kidding.

    4. But that's OK, because you stay cool in uncool situations.

    5. And you know how to turn those uncool situations into opportunities.

    6. That's because you're innovative.

    7. And because, in your heart, you're an optimist.

    8. Because the force is strong with you.


    (Please don't drink and drive your X-Wing.)

    9. And you always listen to Lando.


    This deal is actually getting better all the time.

    10. Because you're super good at physics.

    11. And math.

    12. And music.

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    13. Because why should this snake have all the fun?

    14. Or this baby?

    15. Because everyone likes to smile.

    16. And you probably deserve more than one.

    17. Because you always go big.

    18. Or at least like to do things differently.


    Butterbeer Pong FTW!

    19. Because no matter where you are it's beer o'clock.


    Aslan would approve.

    20. And you? You're a beerliever.

    21. Not to mention: super volcano.

    So, cheers! You deserve it.

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