15 Things Only People With A Horrible Tattoo Will Understand

No regrats!

1. Maybe it was the name of your one “true” love.

Isaac Fitzgerald

2. Or maybe you said yes when your drunk buddy asked if he could give you a scratcher.

3. No matter how it happened, though, you’ve got one and you know it. A bad tattoo.

Ok, this one’s actually kind of awesome, but you get the idea.

4. At first, you were probably into it.

Check it out!

5. But slowly it started to dawn on you…

6. …that you might’ve made a terrible mistake.

7. Maybe you just aren’t that into the things you used to be into.

8. Or maybe the tattoo didn’t have that much meaning in the first place.

9. Either way, you’re starting to have some regerts.

10. I mean, it ain’t always best to wear our desires on our sleeves.

Or necks, as the case may be.

11. But does having a bad tattoo make you an asshole?

12. No, only being an asshole can make you an asshole.

13. So you got some bad ink. So what?

14. Not giving a fuck is part of what tattoos are all about.

15. So, whether you leave your tattoo untouched, because you understand that making mistakes is part of life…

Be chill, like this dolphin smoking a bong on its favorite La-Z-Boy.

…or you decided to get a bitchin’ cover-up…

Remember: You and your bad tattoo are beautiful.

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