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18 Ways To Be The Best Halloween House In Your Neighborhood

There is nothing *fun* about "fun size."

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Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Sure, you can throw a stylish party or go all out decorating your house, but here are 18 foolproof ways to ensure that you're the best Halloween house on your block.

1. Full-Size Hershey's Bars:

2. Full-Size Milky Way Bars:

3. Full-Size Butterfinger Bars:

4. Full-Size Snickers Bars:

5. Full-Size 3 Musketeers Bars:

6. Full-Size Caramello Bars:

7. Full-Size Twix:

8. Full-Size Crunch Bars:

9. Full-Size Sky Bars:

10. Full-Size Kit Kat Bars:

11. Full-Size 100 Grand Bars:

12. Full-Size Charleston Chew Bars:

13. Full-Size Mr. Goodbars:

14. Full-Size Skor Bars:

15. Full-Size Whatchamacallit Bars:

16. Full-Size PayDay Bars:

J. Ben Holt / Via

17. Full-Size Oh Henry! Bars:

18. Full-Size Baby Ruth Bars:

And that, my friends, is how to be the most popular Halloween house in your neighborhood. Unless your neighbor is giving out king which case, back to the store!

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