21 Brothers Who Must Be Stopped

Ban all brothers.

1. These brothers who found their sister’s hair extensions:

2. This brother who almost made things really awkward:

3. This brother who needs his own workout clothes:

4. This brother who needs his own computer room:

5. This brother who needed a charge:

6. This brother who fancies himself a sculptor:

I hate my brother so much

— joseph KOny (@JoshPointKo)

7. This brother who fancies himself an architect:

I hate my brother and Zach

— Cailyn O'Leary (@CailynOLeary)

8. This brother who took up calligraphy:

9. This brother who has a confession:

Reasons I hate when my brother has friends over:

— Danimals (@dchwatt)

10. This brother who is bad at giving gifts:

11. This brother who is also bad at giving gifts:

I will forever hate my brother now -.- he hella tricked me thinking i got an iphone 5

— June 27th (@YoGirl_leslie)

12. This brother who needs a new hat:

I hate taking my brother places he always looks like a bum and has to be wearing a gta hat..

— Veronigga Pass. (@Veronica_Pass)

13. This brother who needs new socks:

This is honestly why I hate my brother.... Socks with foxes on them.......wearing glasses

— Katie (@KatieeMacdonald)

14. This brother who needs to buy his own undies:

15. This brother who needs to step up his hygiene game:

I hate my brother so much for cutting his pubes on the toilet.

— natalie tabor. (@natawee_tabor)

16. This brother for his ridiculous new rugby uniform:

17. This brother who always ruins the family photo:

18. This brother who harshes everyone’s mellow:

19. This brother who ate all the ice cream:

I opened the fridge and blessed the heavens… I hate my brother.

— Evan Carmichael (@EvanCarmichael)

20. This brother who loves his goat sister:

I hate my brother

— yvette (@picnicgrl)

21. In closing, ban all brothers.

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