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18 Giant Frickin' Pumpkins That Are Way Too Frickin' Big

What the frick are you doing, pumpkin?

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1. This frickin' pumpkin that's bigger than this frickin' cute dog.

2. This frickin' pumpkin that this adorable frickin' kid is riding like a horse.

3. This frickin' pumpkin that thinks it can ride around in a frickin' car like a frickin' human.

Buckle up, ya frickin' maniac.

4. And this frickin' pumpkin that's so frickin' big it stole your girl.

5. This frickin' pumpkin that is way frickin' bigger than this frickin' dude's hand.

6. Plus these frickin' pumpkins that don't give a frickin' frick about smashing these tiny frickin' flowers.

7. This frickin' pumpkin that's like a frickin' mountain to this frickin' dog right here.

Like a frickin' puppy Edmund Hillary, ain't ya?

8. And this frickin' pumpkin that needs three dudes and a frickin' crane just to move around.

9. This frickin' pumpkin that gets driven around in a frickin' chariot like some sort of frickin' king.

10. Not to mention this frickin' pumpkin that this woman has turned into a frickin' boat.

Her new name's Hucklepumpkin Frickin' Finn.

11. There's this frickin' pumpkin that so frickin' big people named it Gary.

12. Plus this frickin' pumpkin that's so frickin' big it's this kid's new house.

He lives here now. Like a frickin' pumpkin turtle.

13. This frickin' pumpkin that's so frickin' big every frickin' time it needs to frickin' go somewhere somebody's gotta be like "Joe, get the frickin' tow truck!"

Joe is sick of driving you the frick around, pumpkin.

14. And these frickin' pumpkins that are way bigger than this frickin' human lady.

What're you doing, lady? Frickin' run!

15. Then there's this frickin' artistic pumpkin that thinks deep artistic frickin' thoughts while it stares out at the frickin' ocean.

16. And this frickin' pumpkin that's so big the frickin' Pumpkin Queen chose it as her frickin' royal pumpkin throne.

Don't tell me you don't know abou the frickin' Pumpkin Queen.

17. This frickin' pumpkin is so frickin' big it gets its own frickin' house.

I don't even have a frickin' house, pumpkin.

18. And finally this frickin' pumpkin that weighs 2,185 frickin' pounds!!!!!

Like some sort of frickin' pumpkin planet that's bigger than frickin' Pluto!

Well frickin' played, you giant frickin' pumpkins. 🎃

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