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    22 Things Only People Who Love Canceled Plans Will Understand

    On the outside: "Oh, you can't make it? Bummer." On the inside: HOORAY!

    1. So, you have plans tonight?

    2. But,'re not that excited about them?

    3. It's not the person you have plans with, you LOVE them!

    4. It's just that work has been...a little much, lately.

    5. And there are some personal projects you keep meaning to make time for.

    6. Plus, you can't even remember the last time you had some time for YOU.

    7. But hey, you're a trooper.

    8. You know how to put on a happy face.

    9. You said yes to these plans, and you are NOT the type of person who flakes.

    10. But wait, what's this email?

    11. Could it be?


    13. You can't believe your luck.

    14. It is literally the best news you have ever heard in your entire life.

    15. And even better? It wasn't your fault! You are 100% NOT to blame for these canceled plans.

    16. But your friend doesn't need to know how happy you are.

    17. So you hide your smile.

    18. Type a speedy response.

    19. And graciously let them know that rescheduling is not a problem.

    20. And just like that...

    21. Only thing left to do now?

    22. Whatever you damn well please.