21 Things Only City Kids Will Understand

Which city did you grow up in?

1. Your school bus probably looks something like this.

2. And 40 kids in a class? That sounds about right.

3. But at least your school trips are to museums that actually matter.

4. You understand that movie theaters are meant to be fun.

If you want to watch a movie quietly, watch it at home where it’s quiet.

5. And that being there for your neighbors is a must.

6. You have a deep and abiding love for the public pool.

7. You also have a great appreciation for public art.

9. Public performance of any kind, really.

10. You take pleasure in watching the local wildlife.

11. And what other people call tourist attractions? You call hangout spots.

If you visit ‘em at all.

12. You know what your mom is going to say when you ask if you can leave the block after dark.

13. But you sneak downtown anyway to try out your fake ID at the newest club.

14. Which…usually doesn’t go as planned.

15. But getting busted coming home? That’s a pretty sure bet.

Sneaking into an apartment is hard.

16. Though getting in trouble with your mom or pop can be the least of your worries.

17. No matter where you’re going, you always know the quickest way there.


18. Your home city pride is immeasurable.

19. And you love how incredible it feels when the whole city celebrates.


20. Because the whole city? That’s your playground…

21. And no matter which city you grew up in…

You know that yours…

Is the greatest playground in the world.

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