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    • irrationalm

      I dunno man. I’d buy all those peaches and I’d just freeze them before they went bad. Frozen peaches are excellent in smoothies or cobblers. In fact, you can freeze just about anything (except watermelon—just don’t). Some things are easier than others. Whenever I see an insane, must buy now price, I buy a ton, and pick up a bag of ice on the way home to aide with blanching (lightly boiling vegetables to kill any bacteria, etc on them so they don’t get yucky in the freezer as fast). It’s definitely worth looking into, especially if you have a deep freeze (I don’t, but holy damn do I need one.)

    • irrationalm

      The boon spoon (in #22 the baby stuff entry, the hot pink spoon) was amazingly useful to me when I’d take my Bunnyworm out and about with me. At home though, it was pretty useless. Not worth cleaning out all the time, but if I had to feed her while at my grandmother’s museum of a house, it made clean up so much less necessary and easier. Any parent who’s had an excited 9 month old smack the bowl of beet and blueberry puree (the worst kind of staining—a parental milestone is the staring at a diaper and wondering WTF your baby ate to cause this rainbow of horror now permanently staining whatever baby was wearing and sitting on) knows the value of a non spillable feeding accessory. If you make your own babyfood like I did, then you can use it to store a meal’s worth of food in the diaper bag.

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