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    Tommy McDonald Of Serplogic Reviews The Best Crowdfunding Gadgets

    Crowdfunding and crowdfunded gadgets are changing the world and these are 10 of the very best. We asked Tommy McDonald of Serplogic - a SEO company in the UK to review the top gadgets


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    The world of Internet security is one that we're all becoming a lot more wary of and with all our devices connected online that's understandable.

    The iGuardian has been created as a device that sits between your Internet source and Wi-Fi router working as an easy to set up firewall. The iGuardian works with smartphones, laptops, desktops and a whole lot more and makes internet protection, safe, easy and does so in a holistic manner. And the great thing is that it takes only 5 minutes to set up. A pretty cool crowdfunded gadget if you ask us.


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    The CA7CH has been designed for smartphones and allows you to snap images and also to stream your video via screen. It's pretty cool as it allows others see exactly what you see. CA7CH allows people to share their experience in a completely different way and makes sharing life's moments with others easy

    TrackR Bravo

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    One of the problems of everyday life is keeping an eye on your smartphone and keys and the other nefarious items that get lost around the house. TrackR solves this and prevents the problems and stress associated with the loss of keys and other items. Yes, they're always in the most obvious place, but tell yourself that when you're in a rush. TrackR took five years of R&D to create and a number of revisions; however what results is a fantastic, slim and attractive device.


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    Yes, 3D printing is a pretty nifty and impressive invention, however how about 3D drawing? Well, the CreoPop is the world's first 3D pen with no hot parts and no melting plastic – hence no horrible smell. We've seen some awesome creations with the CreoPop 3D pen and it's one of the most exciting crowdfunded projects out there.


    Want to improve your posture, well this little Israeli invention can help you to do just that. Upright is a discreet device that attaches to your lower back and helps you stand straight and more upright in just a few weeks. The dual benefits of this are better, more confident posture and also you prevent the likelihood of future back problems.

    Upright will boost your well-being, make your life more comfortable and also make you look better. It works to correct your body alignment and prevent bad postural habits. A truly great device from the crowdfunding community.

    Niwa - Smartphone Controlled Hydroponic System

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    Hydroponics seem like a growing technique from the future, there's certainly a touch of the exotic about the process. However, Niwa takes the future into the present and is a crowdfunded smartphone controlled hydroponic system that allows you to produce tasty vegetables and herbs indoors.

    The device allows you to use the power of growing lamps, your smartphone and Wi-Fi to grow your next basil plant. As ideas go, it's a fantastic one and allows city dwellers to grow fresh, safe and healthy food indoors.

    Muse – Brain Sensing Headband

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    Muse is an innovative brain sensing headband from Indiegogo that helps train your brain to calm itself. Essentially, the device is a sensor that monitors brain waves and the level of stress it is currently undergoing. The measurement provides feedback that you use in conjunction with the app to help reduce issues and alleviate anxiety and stress. Muse is a truly innovative way to monitor our levels of strain and help make ourselves better, calmer people.


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    Homey provides people with the chance for speech controlled home automation that can involve everything from their lights to their music. The device brings everyday objects to life and allows people the opportunity to interact with their home. It features 8 different wireless technologies through the use of a safe internet connection. It's a truly cool Kickstarter gadget and one that's highly acclaimed.


    This fabulous crowdfunded gadget plays music that sounds as good as it looks. The OSOUND is a Bluetooth connected device that's equipped with a gestural interface that allows the user to control and orchestrate music by the movement of a hand. It's beautiful, sounds fantastic and is crafted in Italy and a fantastic gadget from the crowdfunding space.

    MOAB – Mother Of All Batteries

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    MOAB is a slim, powerful battery with 100WH of power at its disposal. This means that this crowdfunded gadget can charge up to four USB devices at once and is the perfect addition for those looking for power when away from the socket. Use the Mother of All Batteries on gaming devices tablets, phones or anything that can be charged via USB. A fantastic item.

    Conclusion of our Tommy McDonald - Serplogic Review

    So, according to Tommy McDonald of Serplogic - these are some of the best items out there that are being crowdfunded at the moment