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33 Times The Mad Max: Fury Road Fandom Was The Best Damn Thing On Tumblr

In honor of George Miller’s gorgeous, and surprisingly feminist, post-apocalyptic action opus, here are the 33 times the “MMFR” fandom took over Tumblr. ALL GLORY TO THE MIGHTY V8!!!

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1. When they imagined what the road trip soundtrack inside the War Rig might be.

2. Praise for the allotment of Citadel funds.

3. Accurate af.

4. AS. F@#&.

5. When they pointed out what a peach Max is.

6. At the expense of his hearing.

7. At least he found a kindred spirit.

8. Oh, good, they got the road trip soundtrack figured out.

9. Angry murder Santa.

10. This Flight of The Conchords parallel.

11. And this HIMYM one.

12. And this Parks & Rec one.

13. And, lastly, this Lion King one.

14. When they made this point about Max’s “dialogue.”

15. But who cares, when he could say so much with this look?

16. Or this one?

17. So expressive.

18. Which brought inevitable comparisons to man’s best friend.

19. Mad Max: Furry Road.

20. Of course, this is the internet, so: cats.

21. This was one messed up family vacation.

22. The realization that Max has probably fallen for this before.

23. Historic.

24. When they captured the difficulty of fitting all your MMFR-feminism feels into one sentence.

25. Or the short version.

26. George Miller: blowing feminists’ minds.

27. Really, just blowing everyone’s minds.

28. Like how about the freaking DOOF WARRIOR?!

29. It was all about the details with this movie.

30. When they perfectly captured the emotions you felt.

31. And how easy it was to find the Fury Road in your everyday life.

32. When they gave you the finale dialogue approximation that you didn’t know you needed.

33. And finally, when they described your new happy place.

Well done, Tumblr. Well done.

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