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17 Dishes To Make With Tortillas

So much more than tacos and burritos!

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1. Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles are made with fried tortillas bathed in green or red salsa and usually topped with ingredients such as shredded chicken, a fried egg and/or cheese.

2. Tortilla Soup

There are many variations of this classic, but tortilla soup is traditionally made with chicken stock and served with a variety of condiments. However, it's simple to make it vegan-friendly with a few, simple adjustments.

3. Tortilla Chips

Whether they're fried or baked, they're delicious! Grab your favorite dip and you're good to go!

4. Tostadas

A tostada is a fried tortilla topped with everything from beans, chicken, beef, seafood — the possibilities are endless. Think of it as an open-faced taco. What you pile on is up to you!

5. Migas

"Migas" means "crumbs" in Spanish. In Mexico it refers to a breakfast dish traditionally made with leftover, stale tortillas cooked with scrambled eggs.

6. Enchiladas

Enchiladas are made with corn tortillas dipped in sauce, stuffed with meat or vegetables, then rolled up and topped with more sauce and cheese.

7. Enfrijoladas

Enfrijoladas might look like enchiladas, but instead of dipping tortillas in salsa they're smothered in a bean puree.

8. Buñuelos

Mexican buñuelos consist of fried, flour tortillas smothered in a mulled syrup made of cinnamon and piloncillo (i.e. unrefined cane sugar). Some folks skip the syrup and opt for cinnamon sugar instead.

9. Chimichanga

Grab a burrito. Drop it in a deep fryer. Voilá! You've made a chimichanga.

10. Flautas and Taquitos

Flautas and taquitos are small, rolled-up tortillas with yummy filling that are fried to crisp perfection. Flautas refer to those made with flour tortillas, while taquitos are made with corn tortillas.

11. Quesadillas

If you don't know what a quesadilla is, you my friend have been living under a rock.

12. Tortilla Pie

Tortillas are layered with filling, salsa and cheese. Think of it as a Tex-Mex lasagna.

13. Masa Tot

You can thank Alton Brown for this hushpuppy-like creation.

14. Tortilla Bowl

Because what's better than a bowl you can eat?!

15. Tortilla Quiche

Up your brunch game with a yummy tortilla-crusted quiche!

16. Tortilla Crêpes

This fake take on a French classic is easy and delicious!

17. Dessert Nachos

If you thought nachos couldn't get any better, you were very very wrong.

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