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    13 Situations You'll Recognize If Your Hair Isn't Curly Or Straight

    Hair type: undefined.

    1. Every day of your life is a surprise, and you never know how your hair is going to wake up.

    2. But more often than not, it absolutely does not cooperate.

    3. Sometimes it feels like your whole life is spent combing wet hair.

    4. You're constantly frustrated because there's no single product that works for your hair type.

    5. And you can never pull off stylish haircuts.

    6. When you try, though, it ends up looking like everything except the haircut that's in style.

    7. Frizz is basically your middle name. You don't know what life is like without it.

    8. When you grow your hair out, you're amazed by how it's able to grow straight upward.

    9. I guess the one upside is that those professional hairstyles tend to last a little longer than when your straight-haired friends get them done.

    10. But if you're going for a shorter cut, no matter what you ask for, you end up leaving the stylist with the same military-style buzz cut.

    11. You're pretty tired of hearing the question, "Have you ever tried straightening it?"

    12. To sum it all up: You're never going to fit in, and your entire life is going to be this existential crisis.

    I'm so jealous of people with naturally straight or naturally curly hair. My hair is naturally a mess

    13. And when you finally find a hairstylist who knows how to cut your hair, you NEVER let them go.