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    Updated on Dec 8, 2018. Posted on Sep 20, 2016

    21 Thing That Every Woman Who's Not A "Girly Girl" Will Understand

    A whole life spent explaining that you just want to be comfortable.

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    1. The longest you could stand playing dress-up growing up was about 15 minutes.

    If you played it at all.

    2. You had fun playing with the other girls, but you REALLY loved playing games like catch and Simon Says.

    Fábio Favaro/ Flickr: fabiofavaro

    You'd end up playing ball with the boys more often than dolls with the girls.

    3. And Playmobil was always more appealing than Barbie.

    4. Weddings, birthday parties, and graduation parties were torture because of those frilly dresses and bows.

    Twitter: @ale_araujo_

    In fact, they're still torture.

    5. Your parents were always bugging you to sit up straight because your posture was always so bad.

    6. And everyone was always telling you to watch your mouth.

    7. Your notebooks were doodled all over, unlike your friends' super organized notebooks full of neat, tidy handwriting.

    8. It took you a while to figure out the whole bra thing.

    Twitter: @strokinho

    Sometimes you still wonder why you need to wear one and who the bastard was who invented them in the first place.

    9. You've never bothered to figure out what your "face shape" is.

    10. And if you wear makeup, it's usually a mess.

    11. Which isn't that big of a deal, because the only things you use most days is concealer or maybe mascara.

    12. And when you do put on a little lipstick every once in a while, everyone loses their minds and thinks you're SUPER MADE-UP or something.

    13. You don't understand why your friends need an hour to get ready before going out.

    Twitter: @Thalisson_crvg

    For you, 20 minutes is more than enough.

    14. You can't recall the last time you flipped through a "women's magazine."

    There's absolutely NOTHING of interest to you in one of those.

    15. You've lost count of how many roundabout ways people have tried to ask about your sexuality.

    16. And you feel cold shivers when you have to spend hours at the salon.

    Which has only happened a handful of times in your life, like for your graduation or when you were your best friend's maid of honor.

    17. Nail polish lasts for about 15 minutes on your nails.

    Arquivo Pessoal/ Tatiana Cancoro

    18. You wouldn't even know where to start with exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, and all that other stuff. That's just not a part of your life.

    Twitter: @girlbandy

    Who has the patience for applying 839,107,238,921 different creams each day?

    19. Your clothes are, above all else, extremely comfortable.

    Fotos: Meghan com seu look confortável e seu mais novo urso de pelúcia no aeroporto de Sydney nesta segunda-feira, 4.

    20. Your shoes are three things: flat, easy to take off, and easy to put on.

    21. Heels? HAHAHA

    No thanks. I like my ankles.

    Contributors: Tatiana Cancoro and Clarissa Passos.