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21 Thing That Every Woman Who's Not A "Girly Girl" Will Understand

A whole life spent explaining that you just want to be comfortable.

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2. You had fun playing with the other girls, but you REALLY loved playing games like catch and Simon Says.

16. And you feel cold shivers when you have to spend hours at the salon.

Which has only happened a handful of times in your life, like for your graduation or when you were your best friend's maid of honor.

18. You wouldn't even know where to start with exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, and all that other stuff. That's just not a part of your life.

19. Your clothes are, above all else, extremely comfortable.

Fotos: Meghan com seu look confortável e seu mais novo urso de pelúcia no aeroporto de Sydney nesta segunda-feira, 4.

Contributors: Tatiana Cancoro and Clarissa Passos.

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